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This is...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Triple Party!

In true Allen fashion, we can't let a family gathering go to waste.

So, #1 priority for the wedding week was to have a family bridal shower for Alyssa. She is adorable, and it was fun to have a little "welcome to the family" night. We did make Owen join her to open one gift though... My mom, dad and I came up with the coolest gift for 2 skater lovebirds. Yay for vinyl lettering! The little OWA thing is something my grandpa used to use; I just grunge-d it up a bit. pretty cool huh?

After the bridal shower was over, we surprised little Steph with a baby shower. She was TOTALLY surprised! It was fun to prove to her that all tradition doesn't stop with her! I think the night got a bit emotional... but I blame her pregnancy. ;)

That wrapped up, and all of a sudden, the boys (uncles, grandpa etc) came home and we had a surprise graduation party! Nate and Steph had both just graduated, but left Utah and didn't do the whole commencement/walking thing up at BYU in Provo. So we just had our own family commencement in Arizona - complete with homestyle pomp and circumstance hummed during the processional. Steph gave a speech, and my dad (the professor) directed the commencement. Truly Allen style...

Our family is kindof quirky, but what else were we supposed to do? Getting the whole family together is so hard to do, and we couldn't waste the opportunity to celebrate all the special occasions/events! It was a great night! All special events got their 15 minutes of fame. Welcome to the family Alyssa! ;)

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