This is...

This is...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Charity's Art

Tonight, we got to go to an ART SHOW! After gymnastics, dinner and baseball practice, we ran over to the career institute in Frisco and it was a ZOO. All the local schools sent over artwork to be displayed. It was kindof cool to see the different kid artwork - some of it (by the middle schoolers) was quite good. The best, however was over in the Tadlock Elementary section. Apparently, they selected about 5 student's art from each grade to display... Charity was one of them! She was so proud. I asked the teacher how they selected them (It had to be random for the Kindergarteners - right?) but the teacher said they actually "chose" them... Joe thinks it is because Charity is just so gosh darn cute that everything she does is "art show" worthy. ;)
Anyways, way to go Charity! Way to draw mountains with chalk!

interesting piece of information about me: When I was in college, I really REALLY wanted a tatoo. However, I knew if I was going to have something painted on me FOREVER, I really wanted it to be symbolic of me and my philosophies on life (not just some generic tribal or random pic). I wanted to get the tatoo of mountains. I drew and drew and looked and searched, but the only picture that would do justice to how I felt about mountains would seriously take up my whole back (not just the tiny 1" area I wanted it)... Needless to say, I never got the tatoo. I just thought it was interesting looking at my daughter's rendition of mountains. If I had a 5 yr old back then, something like this might have ended up painted on me!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its another long one...

Let's begin with the Super Bowl... We had a few new friends over that evening, and it was pretty fun. Nobody was too involved with the game (until the last few minutes), so it was just fun to visit and eat junk food. The kids had a blast. We played games, and Joe found a friend to remind him of people he knew in high school in Virginia. I mostly appreciate Kimball reminding him of that one girl who was incredibly beautiful...
ANYWAYS, Nate must have been very tired. After people left, I began my walk-through to begin putting things away and children in bed. I got to the media room and happened upon this - evidence of how much of a "SUPER MOMMY" I am:
Did I forget that I still had a 2 yr old? He was so tired that he fell asleep playing (well, thinking he was playing) rock band, in a LOUD media room, FULL of children with CHOCOLATE all over his face!
Moving on...
I helped decorate the stage (new school... somehow the same job finds me?) for the 2nd grade program. My friend knocked on my door with gloves in hand asking me to dumpster dive with her. HECK YA! I'm always up for fun like that! It was recycling day, so we were able to find TONS of milk jugs - all in an effort to build this awesome igloo. The performance was just how I like them - short and sweet and over and done within 20 mins. It was about a "Tacky Penguin". It was a really cute show. Good Job Aaron!

Who remembers playing these in elementary school?
Wow, what a cute stage! Notice the igloo made from milk jugs...
Charity had her last soccer game. It was an indoor league. She apparently scored a goal the 1st game. The reason I signed her up for this particular team was because it was just a repeat team, and they weren't going to practice at all through the season. However, their team never practiced. So rather than getting better, they just got a little worse as the season progressed. Oh well, she still had a lot of fun.

Aaron's basketball season is winding down as well. I really enjoy watching my kids try so hard and RUN so hard. I sat next to a lady who was having a conniption fit because we were losing so bad in one game. Yes, I am competitive, and inside, it would just be awesome if Aaron's team was the BEST... However, at the same time, I am just happy to seem him play and learn. Really, does it matter how well they do in 2nd grade basketball? PS I saw Michael Irvin at Aaron's basketball game... I think his kid was on the team that was playing before us... kindof cool if you are a Cowboy's fan...

Oh, I meant to do a whole post dedicated to Friday cleaning. I love cleaning my whole house top to bottom on Fridays. It really is relaxing - it is my meditation. Each week, I do sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing bathrooms, laundry, changing sheets, laundry, dusting, and laundry - all day Friday. Also, on top of the regular cleaning, I add something special - like the baseboards, or getting scuff marks off walls. This week, was polishing and dusting banisters and my absolute FAVORITE: cleaning ot the vacuum. Just kidding. I was dreading this, because the last time I did this was before our apartment. So, it was full of strange apartment hairs, and also strange new home junk. However, I must admit, I am always so much happier when I feel like my vacuum brushes are clean and can pick up more junk. (Am I weird?). Anyways, here is a word of advice: when cleaning the brushes to a vacuum - don't chew gum, or simply put - keep your mouth CLOSED!

Usually, on Friday nights, I keep my house virtuous and clean and go out to eat (my reward to myself and my kids for helping). This last weekend, the kids were not very good at cleaning, and we did not get their toys and rooms picked up and their laundry away without me having to raise my voice. Needless to say, we were all punished, and I had to make dinner :(. Maybe this Friday will be better.

Saturday, (Valentine's Day) Joe took Aaron to his basketball game (of course they won because I wasn't there). I went to Richelle's house to pick up Emma. Christine had come into town, and Charity was SO excited to have her cousin here! Well, Emma expanded into Emma, Jacob, Jamie, Paul and Kody. I took them all to my house, and they just had a blast. The Branns ended up stopping by, and we did an ever so classy "manicure" for the little girls - of course, the nails lasted 5 minutes or less, but they had a fun time, so I guess that is all that matters.
Emma, Marissa, and Charity! (of course, Nate wanted in on the action)

Christine came later in the afternoon, and we played games, and she took all the kids home, but I kept Emma so she could sleep over. The girls were in HEAVEN. She came to church with us, and we really had fun with her. They did not fight or whine or anything... I LOVE it when cousins get along so well! We were sad to see them leave, but I at least had fun with Christine and kids.

As you can see, our Valentine's was full of romance and excitement. The weekend was topped off with Charity feeling beautiful with her green makeup. I love the chunk on the side of her face - she has about as much makeup-putting-on skills as her mom.