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This is...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Please put a stop sign HERE!

Please put a stop sign so cars coming down the hill near this park will stop. The rock wall is high, and creates a blind corner. I have seen several kids nearly hit by cars at this location. Even when a parent is standing vigilantly trying to get bike riders/ball chasers/small children from running past the stairs/rock wall into the street, someone always manages to run into the street. Bikers will often dart into the intersection speeding down the little hill riding either in circles around the park sidewalk, or across driftwood view and into the culdesac.
I am placing the pictures I took here so they can come with a description. You can also download them by clicking on them and saving them (if you need to).

 You can hardly see the mom's head. She is watching her children, but there is no possible way for a car to see her, or any other children standing near her ready to ride down the hill.
 Nearly at the corner, you can see the children running down the stairs, but you can still hardly see the top of the van, not to mention you can't see if other children are around, and you can barely see the top of the mom's head.
 from above, can you see anyone behind the rock wall?
 here is a 21" bike, in the road. it is well shorter than the rock wall. from this vantage point, i can see the road above, but the rider would NOT, nor would a driver coming DOWN the hill.
 placement of the bike
 cant see the bike - even though it is in the middle of the road.
 notice you can see the corner of the rocks, and the road is completely out of view until the OTHER side of the park. Cars often speed down this hill because there are no houses until AFTER the park. Kids, like to ride their bikes in a circle around the park sidewalk - often when they are turning at the bottom of the rock wall, they make their left turn WIDE, and end up in the street. Sometimes, they even continue down the hill into the culdesac on the opposite side of the road from the park.

barely at this point can you START to see the bike in the middle of the road, and that is only IF you are turning your head and NOT looking at the road in front of you while coming down the hill.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

videos of charity

hey mom, you wanted videos of charity?

here is her and me playing our duet!!! ;)

here is her bar routine (she got 4th place)

and her beam routine... if you can handle me yelling at nate cause he keeps pulling my arm down and tugging on the camera...

love ya!