This is...

This is...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Single Mom style...

Living with Grandma Allen has been a lot of fun... but it would be nice to have a husband!!! Joe is not planning on coming home again until the move... which is right now looking like Feb 6th...
We have been killin time at the gym (trying to get Mom in shape before the CRUISE!!!!)
The kids enjoy climbing the rock wall. Having nothing pressing to get home to makes it easy to say YES for once!

Check out this girl!!! She makes it up those things like they're NOTHIN!

Nate thinks he's pretty cool!!! Maybe he'll get to the top?

I "attempted" to homeschool the kids. January 4th, I woke up, fed the kids, and immediately went into an attempted lesson for the day. It was complete with worksheets and everything.
Ten minutes later, I gave up.
By 10 am, I was at the local elementary school signing my kids up for a temporary stint at Florence Elementary. They would ride the bus! They would meet new friends! They would not whine and complain to me when I asked them to do a stupid little assignment!

I decided they need some more activities to occupy their time... SO... The kids are taking gymnastics for a few weeks here... just for something to do in the afternoons.
It is really fun to get to hang out with Cherry's kids all the time now! Nate adores his time with Max, Cherry and Sarah are the cutest little friends, and Aaron and Luke of course are the studliest little buddies!
Having family around will at least make the next six husband-less weeks go by more pleasantly!

Do you think he was tired? What kind of mom lets her kid fall asleep in the middle of the floor? (me)
Best buds.