This is...

This is...

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Here's some shots from Aaron's football game today. Although I can't say I like USC at all... I am (at least for this season) a TROJAN fan!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Low maintenance

I have always considered myself to be a "low maintenance" girl. Maybe a better way to describe myself is a "LACK of maintenance" girl. I have been the same all my life. I wash my face (in the shower) with Irish Spring. I wear jeans and a solid color T-shirt every day. I don't "do" my hair - I put it in a pony tail or a braid. Well, on birthdays, anniversaries, and special dates, I will actually blow-dry my hair, but those times are few and far between. I use whatever lotion is cheapest. Do I need to go on? I like to wear clothes that are VERY versatile - versatile enough for a colorblind MAN to walk into my closet and pick out a suitable outfit. I am also dealing with a severe handicap when it comes to accessorizing. All of my makeup can fit in the palm of my hand - I wear mascara, Lipfinity (because it stays on till the next morning), and eyeliner - that is it. I tried powder for my Texas wedding reception 8 years ago - it was the wrong color. I had to throw all the pictures away. Seriously, could NO ONE tell me to take off my makeup when I looked so bad???? This is seriously embarrassing, but I really am CLUELESS. Every once in a while, I will lose my mind and say "I want to feel like a woman!" So, I'll go out and do something drastic. 2 years ago, I got highlights (I got rid of those). I’ve also been known to chop my hair all off into crazy layers, or go get an acrylic manicure or pedicure that lasts all of 3 days. On one occasion, I even bought an eye cream from Arbon. Ok, are you getting the picture? I have never been able to rationalize spending TONS of money on "beauty products", and when I do, I either feel really silly and selfish, or I buy something completely WRONG. So my question is: does anyone know of a low maintenance way to be more feminine or beautiful? Does someone use a magic sauce for their skin that doesn’t require a 3-5 step process in the morning and night? There's GOT to be something I can do that doesn't add too much "beautification" time to my routine.

What is the reason for this? I looked in the mirror today. I am starting to look old.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Charity Sings

So, Charity loves this song, and she sings it ALLLL the time.

I just think she is so cute when she sings. At 4 she has quite an ear - she even plays this on the piano. I laugh at the concerned look on her face though. This is for you grandma. I just needed it documented cause I dont think she will be confusing her f's and th's much longer...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cute things:

First, see my baby Nate: Seriously, while I was unloading the dishwasher, he helped!!! He just went to town on the silverware. I didn't even ask him to do it!!! He just started taking utensils one tiny handful at a time from the dishwasher to the silverware drawer. He was so pleased with himself. Honestly, I was pleased too! WOW! all this help and he isnt even 18 months yet!!!

Then, see Aaron and Charity. What happens when you have to ignore your children all afternoon so you can teach piano? They run around looking like WT - sweaty and barefoot with REALLY dirty feet. The pictures dont do it justice. Oh yea, notice the cool Blue Angels costume I made for Aaron last Halloween. He wears this ALL the time! It is a little small for him now, and it is getting holes in the knees - but he STILL loves it! (I think it's GOT TO BE uncomfortable cause the jumpsuit is encroaching his "personal space")... Anyways, when I tried to get them ready for tonight's football practice, i noticed how gross they were... So, they started modeling their feet - they were so proud.

3 Noteworthy tidbits:
1. I was so sad, but I told 3 of my students I couldn't teach them anymore. I started crying when I was talking to this one mom. I love my students so much, and it will be so hard for me to let them go... but I really do think I will be a better mom if I scale back to only a few kids on one day.
2. SOOO glad I didn't get L.T. in any of my Fantasy Football leagues - he really hasn't produced this year (yet)... I did get Drew Brees (due to my husband thinking he was doing me a favor) but I dropped him for Kitna - I wonder how that will play out...
3. Speaking of Fantasy Football... I am not doing too bad! YAY! credit it to the fact I am in 4 leagues (so my heart isnt broken if I lose in 1 of them). PLUS, my FAVORITE team, the COWBOYS are doing quite well so far. Also, I am simply a GREAT fantasy football player ;).

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grateful Sunday

Today I am grateful for being a member of my church. Members whose lives are crashing in around them are blessed with a built-in support and service MACHINE. Seriously, it is a well-oiled machine. I am SO unbelievably grateful for that. I am also grateful for the friends I have met through my membership in this church. I have been blessed to know some VERY great people.

One of those people is Courtney Flynn. She is SO amazing. She is always happy and she has the best outlook on life. She is the worlds greatest listener, and SO sweet and SO kind. She is also beautiful. I could go on and on about the things she has taught me. We were supposed to go on a girls' night Friday night, but girls' night was cancelled. I was so sad cause i haven't seen her for EVER (we aren't in the same ward anymore)... Sadly, it was cancelled cause she was diagnosed with leukemia. Anyways, this is a quote from an email we got from her husband todd:

She is strong though, and that strength was evident only moments after the diagnosis, after the sobs subsided, when she quipped, "And I just spent an entire year growing my hair out."

Back to being grateful: the machine is in full force, and although I am not in her ward anymore, I hope i can be a part of it too.

Anyways, so many people go through hard times, and especially on a day like today, I am grateful that if/when a need arises, I, too, can rely on people who love me and WANT to help even though they aren't even in my family.

So please add the Flynns to your prayers. She has 4 children (the oldest is 8 and the youngest is almost 2). Also, add my neice Jillian - she is only 4 and has leukemia too (I posted about her when she was daignosed in July).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sanity at 1pm

So, this is what i am doing right now.

I am enjoying my cookies and milk. It is "treats at noon" as my mom calls it. Although it is a bit past noon, it is the perfect time for a snack - i sneek these while my kids are napping or quietly playing. Also, right about now, i am DESPERATELY needing a pick-me-up as i see all that i have to get done today (starting in about 20 mins). So, right now, during my cookies and milk moment, i can say: "i know there is a dirty diaper on the floor over there, and dishes i the sink, and crumbs on the floor, and laundry buzzing at me, and... but i JUST DONT CARE!" When my "treats at noon" end, i have to get up and teach a million piano lessons, take Aaron to football practice, and be a mom... But for right now, i will just sit and eat cookies.

ps. i think i am personally keeping chips ahoy chewy in business... (that is what my husband thinks anyways) Honestly, i have been donig "treats at noon" with the same cookies (well, until a few years ago it was just normal chips ahoy) and at the same time for the last 6 years...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pulling My Hair Out

<-Me in Reality ** Me after a bit of surgery ;)->
Please tell me that I am not the only mom in the world who feels like pulling my hair out! I can not possibly be the only person in the world who is completely overwhelmed with EVERYTHING!!! What is wrong with me? I know there must be people out there who are even MORE involved and MORE busy than I am... HOW DO YOU GUYS DO IT ALL???

I am just having a hard time realizing this is my life.

Monday: 6:15 am - kids wake up.

  • Get Joe packed (yes, I pick out his outfits for the week and put them in his suitcase) and on his way to "work" for the week. 7am
  • Feed kids, have them practice piano, pack lunch, get them dressed and get Aaron off to school. 8am
  • Head to the gym w/the 2 little ones, run whatever errands. come home by lunch - it's naptime for Nate.
  • Pick up Aaron from school. 3pm
  • Teach 3 piano lessons. 3:30-5pm
  • Shove dinner in my kids faces.
  • Rush to Aaron's Football practice. 6:00-7:30pm
  • Come home, put kids to bed. (later than i want)
  • Do Mommy chores (talk to hubby on phone, clean, work on my ind. study course, blog, fantasy football upkeep, do stuff for PTA, never ending TO DO list...)
Tuesday: 6:15am - kids wake up. AGGHHHH already???

  • Get kids fed (maybe they are lucky and get a bath?) and dressed. Force child #1 (pouting/yelling/crying) to practice piano, listen to child #2 cry cause SHE wants to practice NEXT (and she does and she loves it). Check to make sure I didnt forget any homework or things to sign...Pack lunches for Aaron and Charity.
  • Take Aaron to school. 8am
  • Drive Charity's preschool carpool. 8:30am
  • WOW toddler bondage time with mommy! hmmm off to the gym! home for lunch and nap time. (cleaning/reading/bloging time for me!) Wait for Charity to come home. 2pm
  • Head out to get Aaron from school. 3pm
  • Feed kids snacks then head to gymnastics for Aaron and Charity. 4-5pm
  • Come home, eat dinner, put kids to bed 7pm
  • do mommy chores. Leave at least 1 light on cause without Joe home, I'm scared of the boogie man. 12am
Wednesday: 6:15 am - SERIOUSLY??? Cant you AT LEAST wait for the sun to rise?
  • Get kids fed, practice piano, get dressed, pack lunches, Aaron to school, Charity screaming cause she doesnt get to go today. 8am
  • run errands, go to the gym, home for lunch and naps.
  • Start the piano swap (I teach my girlfriends' 2 kids, she teaches mine) 2pm
  • Aaron comes home from school and we finish the piano lesson swap. 3-4pm
  • Every other Wed, do Activity days (its either AT MY house, or i am doing the carpooling to the other 'activity days' house). On the off weeks, I pay minimal attention to my own children for an hour. 5-6pm
  • Feed kids dinner, put them to bed. 7pm
  • do mommy chores. Climb into lonely bed. 12am
Thursday: 6:15am. ok, you guys climb into bed with me, watch cartoons - i will get out of bed when the sun wakes me up.
  • Do the whole Breakfast/piano/packing lunch/getting dressed thing for Aaron and Charity... feeling like I AM SO DONE WITH THE KIDS ALL BY MYSELF!!! Get Aaron to school. 8am
  • Charity off to school 8:30am
  • AHHHH 1 kid left. Head to the gym(maybe)?
  • volunteer at Aaron's school (gotta at least TRY/PRETEND to be a good mom?) touch base w/PTA people? did i do everything i said i would?... Nate gets a nap somewhere???
  • Charity comes home 2pm
  • get Aaron from school... 3pm
  • Start the marathon of 5 back to back piano lessons, 3:15-5:45
  • rush out the door to football practice, 6-7:30pm
  • come home SHOVE the kids in bed
  • teach more piano lessons... 7:45-8:45
  • clean house cause it is a DISASTER and Joe is coming home!!!
  • He is home by 10... ;)
Friday: These days are easier - in fact, the whole weekend seems to blur together. My only job is to clean the house, and get the dry cleaning/laundry done so that Joe has clothes to wear next week. Joe goes into work for a couple hours, then I just have to take care of the kids and keep them quiet while he works from home the rest of the day. Saturday: Aaron's football game in the AM Sunday: Go to Church, Have choir practice at my house, Watch lots of FOOTBALL :), family night... get ready for next week...

Ok, well, after reading this again, perhaps i am not as busy as i feel. i do have the time while my kids are in school to get whatever i need done. i think i am just feeling like those hours from 3-bedtime are just too full? i mean, where is the time for playdates or anything like that? how do you other moms fit stuff in? if you wouldnt mind sharing your wisdom? i would LOVE it! MOM? HOW DID YOU DO IT??? how do you do things and still have time/energy to actually COOK a good meal and give children adequate attention?

Friday, September 14, 2007


Question: Why do nurses give children suckers after they get their shots?
Because Sticky hands + Bloody Cotton + Bandaids = Entertainment all the way home!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PIF Gift Exchange

It's the Pay it Forward Gift Exchange! (PIF) Here's how it works...
I will send a handmade gift to the first three (3) people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. (So, you must have a blog to participate.)
I was quick to comment on Natalie's blog, so I am paying it forward now!
How fun! Let's Pay It Forward and give each other gifts just because!I've not yet decided what I will be sending... I guess it just depends on how far i have to ship what... I am excited to pay it forward!!! So, in your comment, leave me your email address!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you?

Do you still remember September 11th 2001? I do. I had just gotten out of the shower and Joe had turned on the news (early that morning). We saw the 1st tower on fire. What was going on? was this for real? What happened? I stood there in my green towel in the room watching the tv when the 2nd plane hit. I remember being so scared. I remember being so sad for those people. I rememberd my sister Cherry - where was she? was she OK? wasnt that her train stop that she uses to get to work? I called my Dad (who was then in London and in a meeting) and told him about it. I remember not really being able to process what was happening - I cried. I couldn't even bring myself to do anything. I was still in my towel - shocked - when the towers collapsed. Joe didn't go to school that day. We didnt hear from Cherry till much later in the afternoon. She got to WTC after the 1st but before the 2nd plane hit and was smart enough not go to work. I thought about all the people my family knew back in New Jersey - were they all ok? What about all my dad's old wall st. buddies? I tried to imagine what it would be like to be there. I was so impressed by the bravery of the firemen. I was so sad for those who were trapped. I could not fathom the helpless hoplessness they were feeling. Why did this happen?... So many things going through my mind. I remember the chaos. What were you guys doing/thinking that morning?

Anyways, in the spirit of remembering that day, my girlfriend (one of the supermoms i get to associate with) had the idea to teach our children about how brave the firemen were that day. So, we made some thank you cards and cookies (she baked them) and brought them to our local firestation. The kids got their own hats and they got to sit in the fire truck. I think the firemen were pretty stoked to get the cookies.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Project

So, almost 2.5 years ago, my front landscaping looked like this:
Exhibit A and B (little Holly bushes) grew to be quite large... and so did my mini rose bushes. Anyways, I hated that whenever anyone came to my house, and there was a car in my driveway they would have to jump over those bushes or duck and squeeze by their side-view mirror. So, Saturday, I spent the WHOLE day out front weeding and working towards a solution: (Joe took the kids bowling)
That is how big my mini-rose bushes got... so i pulled up the holly bushes and donated them to my girlfriend. (i also spent FOREVER digging that darned grass out from around the rocks and bench area and re-leveling the flagstones etc...) But, below, you see my AWESOME solution to the side-view mirror problem. I drove by this building supply place that sold stone and lots of other stuff... I asked how much a few of those stones would be - he said if I wasnt going to get a bunch (like the builders usually get) it wasnt worth the paper to write the invoice on, so, I got them for FREE!!! :) I dug up the HUGE holly bush (as big as the area from the rose bush almost to the driveway), and another little boxwood bush. Keep in mind that Joe was hangin w/the kiddos, so I had to dig and pull and pry this HUGE (seriously, like 150 lbs) bush out ALL BY MYSELF.
Now, all I have to do is put river rock (maybe?) in that area i painted over - all that grows there right now is clovers... and I am SO sick of weeding! By Saturday afternoon, after working out there for several hours in the heat, my back was SO sunburned (maybe i shouldnt have worn my bikini top ALL day) and my hands and forearms HURT to the point of NUMBNESS (it doesnt help that we went to a rock climbing gym on our date the night before) and my back was SOOOO sore (and still is)... so, the rest can wait till I muster up some more motivation - or at least till there isnt a football game I really need to watch ;)
Anyways, it is raining today, and when I went out to take the picture, it took Nate all of 2 seconds to find and start splashing in the water washing down the street. What a nut.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Just passing this link on... a cousin's cousin's very cool eagle project.


So, today is Friday - cleaning day....
Joe came home last night, but had to go to work today. So, it was shaping up to be the typical Friday... UNTIL....
Joe came home with THESE!!!! Just because he loves and appreciates me!
Seriously - how SWEET!!! :) WOW I AM LUCKY!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This was fun...

Got this from Jonnie's blog:

My roommate and I once: had A LOT of fun... got in A LOT of trouble... i cant say anything else without people finding out how crazy i was!

Never in my life have I: been to mexico

High School was : interesting and fun

When I am nervous: i bite my nails or my cheeks

My Hair: just cut it, but it is still longish - and ALWAYS in a pony tail.

When I was 5 : i lived in plano, tx; i loved to explore the neighborhood; i loved to ride my bike and play with my sisters and kalani and anyone else we could round up... i wanted so badly to be in the children's choir, but i wasnt old enough - and i never was :(

When I turn my head left : i see a broken bookshelf and LOTS of mail that needs to be sorted.

I should be : a better mom/ more productive/eating less junk food... the list goes on?

By this time next year : i hope to still be happy, and healthy. honestly, i hope the only thing that really changes is we will all be just be another year older and wiser... (maybe we will have new flooring?)

My favorite Aunt is : cant say without offending someone ;) but i LOVE THEM ALL!!! i LOVE MY WHOLE FAM! I AM SO LUCKY!

I have a hard time understanding : when my daughter cries... or when people talk in other languages really fast.

My ideal breakfast is : sugar cereal - but lately, i have REALLY been into NAKED JUICE... that is pretty good too

If you visit my home town : are you referring to my home town like mesa? um, i guess it is hot there? there will be lots of desert landscaping and over-priced homes?

If you spend the night at my house : i would have it nice and clean for you, we could stay up late playing settlers... but you will either sleep in my daughter's purple room, or on an air mattress in the empty room...

I shouldn't have been : driving so fast today - i TOTALLY HIT A BIRD and i think i killed it :(

Last night I: ate sushi at the farnsworths, took dawn and chad to the airport, put the kids to bed and chilled on the computer talking to joe on the phone... got my plane ticket for my 10 yr reunion... boring... lonely...

A better name for me would be : spaz? GLINDA? crazy B%@#?

I've been told I look like : a guy when i lay flat on my back ;)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I took Charity to her first day of preschool at Keller Christian Schools. I'm sorry, but I think she is SO adorable.

Then, I spent the day up at Phanelb's house with my sister Dawn and her hub Chad (who were visiting from AZ). I had only 1 child in-tow (WOW how easy is it to have just 1 kid!!!)

What a fun day! What a fun time it was to hang out with Dawn and Chad and of course Phanelb too...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fantasy Football

My oh my...
so, i am in a league with joe's bros - a very interesting league - no bench... this will be a fun and fluid experience - full of trades and movement... unfortunately, i missed the draft and my team looks like this (my spouse picked these for me, i will give it a go for a week)

Drew Brees QB
Reggie Bush RB
TJ Housh (my MAN!!!) WR
San Diego DEF
plus a W/T, W/R, K, and 2 D players (i wont bore you with their names)

i am also in a league with some other people, - and that is set up normal. our live draft was last night right after the byu game... (GO COUGS!!!)
Peyton Manning QB
Chad Johnson WR
Rudi Johnson RB
Chicago DEF
plus a few more people and Vince Young as my bench QB ;)

now, joe's bro wants to start yet ANOTHER league - are you SERIOUS????? how many do we need to play with? honestly!
but, because i am competitive, i will of COURSE join it, and our draft is tomorrow morning. ;)

why do i love football season so much????
1. fantasy football - it is SO fun to play the stats game, and compete and cheer for random players you normally wouldnt give a darn about.
2. spending my weekends (and monday nights) parked and YELLING/CHEERING in front of the TV - honestly, you cant get any better!
3. spending more time with joe...