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This is...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fantasy Football

My oh my...
so, i am in a league with joe's bros - a very interesting league - no bench... this will be a fun and fluid experience - full of trades and movement... unfortunately, i missed the draft and my team looks like this (my spouse picked these for me, i will give it a go for a week)

Drew Brees QB
Reggie Bush RB
TJ Housh (my MAN!!!) WR
San Diego DEF
plus a W/T, W/R, K, and 2 D players (i wont bore you with their names)

i am also in a league with some other people, - and that is set up normal. our live draft was last night right after the byu game... (GO COUGS!!!)
Peyton Manning QB
Chad Johnson WR
Rudi Johnson RB
Chicago DEF
plus a few more people and Vince Young as my bench QB ;)

now, joe's bro wants to start yet ANOTHER league - are you SERIOUS????? how many do we need to play with? honestly!
but, because i am competitive, i will of COURSE join it, and our draft is tomorrow morning. ;)

why do i love football season so much????
1. fantasy football - it is SO fun to play the stats game, and compete and cheer for random players you normally wouldnt give a darn about.
2. spending my weekends (and monday nights) parked and YELLING/CHEERING in front of the TV - honestly, you cant get any better!
3. spending more time with joe...


Amy said...

I would do it to spend more time with my hubby too! but to actually enjoy it like would take some lessons on what football is..I have no clue!

Katie said...

I don't get it....

The Rogers said...

sounds fun. i tried it once with josh, but i didn't have as much fun as you do. good luck with it!

The Shrouded One said...

I think it is awesome that you do this with your husband. I'm trying to get my fiance to watch football with me. She just want go for it. This inspires me to keep up my efforts.