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This is...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Durango in August

The view from our bedroom balcony
Joe, Jeff, Dan and their dad decided it would be fun to get one more summer fun weekend in Durango... so, they arranged to meet up there on Thursday night. Too bad that everyone was flying in from different places (including Joe who was on a work trip) so that left me to drive the trailer with the toys ALL BY MYSELF! Joe had spent a good portion of last weekend teaching me how to drive it and pull it out of the storage unit and he was really sweet about getting me comfortable while pulling the HUGE trailer with our little Pathfinder.

Thursday morning, we said goodbye to Grandpoo (who was in town for 24 hrs for business and we loved seeing him!!!) and right after Aaron's lacrosse camp, we loaded up the trailer and headed down towards the activities for the weekend. I must say that I was pretty anxious driving that thing with its BAD brakes through the rain and the mountains... and the WIND! However, we made our way slowly but surely. Despite how I felt, my hands did not have to be surgically removed from gripping the steering wheel and my shoulders were able to relax only a few minutes after our arrival.

Everyone converged that night, and Friday morning (bright and early) the fun began. The brothers, Dad, and Aaron went golfing at Glacier Club, while I went jogging in the beautiful mountains. The boys came home after 9 holes and then went out riding. I made Nate go with them. Meanwhile, Michelle and I took Sydney and Charity to the store. By the time we got back, Jeff, Joe, Nate and Aaron were pulling in from their ride - cut short by hail and rain and cold (Grandpa, Trish, and Dan braved the weather and continued riding). We put the shivering boys in the hot tub and moved on to playing games and dinner.

Saturday, I had to take my car in to fix the brakes. Joe and I took it into town and on our way home, on the radio, I heard info about the county fair and the demolition derby going on in town! So, when the big boys headed out to their morning 4-wheeling excursion, I took the kids and Michelle joined me with Syd at the fair. Honestly, I have never been to a demolition derby and I must say it was one of the most interesting and entertaining events I have been to for a long time! I laughed so hard! I couldn't fathom why someone would invest time, money and their body in an event like that. It was amazing how these cars would still propel themselves after smashing up their engines and losing tires and getting stuck in the mud!

After the derby, we took the kids to see the 4-h animals and eat carnival food and then Michelle took Sydney to the store and I took my kids on the carnival rides. They all wanted to go on the crazy upside down ride. Even though Nate was tall enough, the guy was hesitant to let him on at first, so I sent Charity and Aaron to check it out while I took Nate to the "fun house". It was NOT cool enough, so after some begging, I got the carny to let Nate go with Aaron and Charity on the ride. Charity and Nate came off elated and LOVED the crazy ride, but after 2 times in a row on that thing, Aaron came off a bit green. He was miserable! So, we headed home and on the way had to pull over a few times to give him a break and a chance to retch outside the car. We came home and I finished a few books while waiting for the boys to finish their activities. Then Joe, Jeff, Michelle, Dan and I went to Purgatory to play Frisbee golf and eat dinner as adults while grandma and grandpa stayed with the kids.

stopped at the spring while waiting for Aaron to finish dry heaving on the side of the road...
Sunday was more of the same - the boys golfed, went on a ride, played games, I jogged in the rain and read my books. That night, Joe and I took the Jeep and grandma and grandpa took the Raptor searching for a trail we heard that would take us to a waterfall. We had a blast exploring - the road we took was AWESOME! Then, we hiked a couple miles but never found the waterfall. It didn't really matter though because it was a beautiful evening hike!

Monday, we woke up and the boys went golfing again, while the women stayed behind cleaning and packing. Then, when they got home, we had time to squeeze in a family ride on lime creek trail. Charity rode with Jeff and Michelle in the Raptor, Joe and I took 4 wheelers, and Dan took Aaron on the side by side. Nate started out on a 4 wheeler but lost interest and wanted to be with the kids in the truck. We hung out for a bit at the "lake" and then finished out the ride in the pelting and freezing rain. After that, everyone loaded up and headed home. It was a fun weekend! Durango is absolutely beautiful! The cabin is amazing! I feel so lucky that I actually enjoy my in-laws! I can't wait to go again!


joe always finds the mud.