This is...

This is...

Friday, March 28, 2008


So, I chopped off my hair. I am donating it. - about 14 inches?!! It's a big change!

i think i look like i did my sr year in HS? is this the same haircut?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter and Back pain and MOther of the year

Here is our fancy pic from Easter. it was pretty nice and laid back around here. we woke up, did a little egg hunt, then got ready for church. i had to be there early to play violin. someday i will NOT hurt everyone's ears when i play, but i guess the only way to get better is to practice... thanks to mom for playing piano.
then, we ditched out of church early and went to my mom's for another egg hunt and linner. it was lots of fun, and the farnsworths even came! we were super stuffed, so we all came home and took naps and then our DINNER was yogurt and toast. (GORMET, i KNOW!)
it was a nice relaxing Easter!

But, my back has been KILLING! i have always thought of myself as a really strong person. but lately, i think i am such a WUSS! my back has progressively gotten worse over the last few months and last week i had a couple spasms that hurt pretty bad, and then starting monday, my back started to hurt so bad it put me in tears (and the e.r. so i could get something for the pain!) honestly, i thought it was a kidney stone. they did a ct scan and found SOMETHING in there - but they think it is just an "isolated calcification, surgical clip or retained barium from a previous study/surgery"... SERIOUS???? but they dont think that is what is causing my pain???!!

so, now it is wednesday. i have done nothing but lay around taking drugs for the last few days. i feel so worthless... let me just illustrate what a great mother i have been.

today was nate and charity's well checkup (it is almost their birthdays and they need their shots). SO, i take them in. charity gets her temp taken 103.3 nate gets up there, 102. SERIOUS? i just wasted my time!!! so apparently, the kids both have ear infections and temps. i will have to reschedule their shots. how did i miss that charity was sick? i kindof had an inkling that nate was... but charity? all i heard from her on the way to the dr was "mom, my stomach is nervous." and that was because she knew she was going to get shots. she was so scared! oh well. i was kindof secretly glad they were not feeling well, because they came home with me and cuddled on the couch the rest of the day. (which is nice when you, yourself aren't feeling well).

but we will soon be back in the groove!

Friday, March 21, 2008


It is spring break! Joe was (of course) out of town, but that wouldn't stop me from having a fun time! I hauled the kids down to San Antonio and met my bro-in-law (and family) and MIL for some fun!

We stayed in a BEAUTIFUL Super 8... just kidding. Dan is fired, and I will have Joe make all remaining hotel reservations for me.... ;) actually, I guess all I needed was a place to sleep. Who cares if the floor was disgusting and they didnt clean it ever.

So, here are the pics from Sea World! The kids had fun. It was a bit frustrating when they wouldn't try some of the rides, but next time we will bring Daddy, and he will make them....
why are my children such WUSSES???

Favorite show: the Shamu show BELIEVE
Favorite ride: Texas Splashdown

The kids (especially Nate) LOVED the dolphins! it was a great trip!

On our way home, we stopped by the Alamo (but i forgot my camera in the car)... I think next time I go, I want to spend some REAL time in those outlet stores in San Marcos. ;)

Friday, March 14, 2008

So, here is the decorated stage:
It was a lot easier this time, because i had help and i figured out how to delegate. it took me several months, but FINALLY i figured it out (the whole deletation thing)!

Joe has been working in Dallas this week, so he got a hotel room and we stayed there Wed night. It was fun. I dogged the kids and Joe and I just walked around downtown (by where JFK got shot), and went out to dinner and then back to the hotel... I want to go back and do the whole tourist thing of dealey plaza sometime (when the museum is actually open). I cant believe that i have lived here for so long and never been to the 6th floor museum!!!

I must give a shout out to my son, Aaron. He is a total stud. I have debated about posting this because it might be embarassing... but OH WELL!!!

If anyone has had a bedwetter, they will understand... The only pullups that work are the expensive ones. each pack we buy we SWEAR will be our last. It is so hard not to get mad when he pees through his pullup or forgets to wear one and (of course) saturates the bed. I'm sure he doesnt like knowing his little sister doesnt have to wear pullups, and his friends dont either. I'm sure he feels embarrassed and uncomfortable too. We have tried SO many things. We did this alarm thing- it worked for a while, but then he kept unknowingly pulling it off in the middle of the night... we tried waking him up in the middle of the night to go. we tried no fluids past 6pm... we tried it all. ANYWAYS... today, i am proud to say we are almost through it. he has been dry all but 1 night in the last 20 days or so! that is such a milestone (coming from soaking wet EVERY day for the last 4 years). he has even worn underware to bed for the last week! YAHOO!!!

now we just need to get nate out of diapers ;)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Its Sunday

So, it's Sunday.

We were an hour late to church today - DAYLIGHT SAVINGS???? was i the only loser who forgot? (perhaps it was a conveniet oversight)

My little bro and sister were supposed to come visit this weekend, but the FREAK snow storm was too much for DFW to deal with, so their flight(S) were cancelled :(

Joe is working in DALLAS today... yes. today. SUNDAY - the day he is supposed to be hangin out being lazy with me!!! :( my sister says i need to be more supportive and not complain. i'm sure he doesnt want to be there either...

This is what my kids have been doing lately. Aaron has gotten better at the guitar. He is so funny about it - and SO competive and serious (where does he get that from?) Charity loves singing... I have so much fun listening to the whole thing. I think it is great - she has to read all the words as they come across the screen - OBVIOUSLY, she likes singing the same song over and over again ("Say it Ain't So" by Weezer)... but it is great reading practice! Sometimes she fails when she tries new songs and Aaron has to "save" her. it is so cute to see them work together to pass the songs!!!

So, if anyone wants to come play rock band with me, we are always ready to play!!!

Things i am grateful for:
1. my husband has a job - and although it sucks that he is gone a lot lately, he takes great care of us... so i can stay home and play with my kids and not worry about much.
2. the time we have together just Joe and i and also with our kids. Fri joe and i went out (even though he just got off a plane and didnt really want to). then yesterday we went swimming with the kiddos at the gym (and joe and i worked out and even went rock climbing!!!) Joe is really good about making the little moments we have together QUALITY!!!
3. my family moving so close by. i dropped in for lunch with my parents today (since joe was gone)- how neat is that!!!
4. being able to play the piano. i was happy to be called in to play for primary today. i love music, and i am glad i am someone people can just tap on the shoulder and ask to fill in last minute. every ward needs a few go-to people.
5. while i am glad i am one of those go-to music people, i am also glad that Licy moved in, so i am not the ONLY one!!! ;)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I fell off the blogosphere - where did I go?
I've been tired and busy and the rest I dont know...
Drowning in "to-do" lists that never get done.
My daily activities are seldom called fun!
My husband's been gone even more than before
Weekends pass in one minute, then he's back out the door.
I'm down 2 more students (I'm left with just 3)
Still I'm starving for time with my kids or just me.

ok enough rhyming...

i cant believe it has been so long since my last post.
here are the highlights from the last couple weeks.

We did our anual Valentines date... that was fun.
It all started about 4 years ago. A group of guys got together and rented a limo and surprised us all - like prom style... we went to a nice restaraunt then to reunion tower and more but i get all the different years confused... then the next year us girls did a fun bus and we went to a nice meal and a dance club... Then it was the boy's turn again... So this year (it was the girl's turn) we did it at the Wall's house because CarieAnne's baby was stuck at home with a feeding tube. Here is the only picture from the evening. We just had a nice meal at her house (i mean WAY NICE) and played games. Pretty low-key compared to years past, but it was still fun.
From right to left: Becky, Me, Carieanne and her sis-in-law Jen

I have also been hanging out a ton with my mom and sister (who are now moved in a couple miles away).

My sister Lydia came to visit, and her daughter shut the door on my nephew's finger and it fell off... drama. Besides that, we went to the zoo and had a great time.

I'm decorating the stage for the pta... (i think this is the last one i am going to do...)

My washing machine flooded all over requiring an expensive repair, so I am getting rid of it and just bought this one from LG. Unfortunately, it wont get here till the 21st, so I have been taking my laundry to the magic fairy (my mom)... ;) THANKS MOM!

I'm still sick... I have seriously been congested since before Thanksgiving. I think it is time for another steriod shot.

I REALLY need to go to the gym... I have been really unmotivated lately, but I think with the warmer weather approacing, I will get back in shape ;)

I've been playing Rock band and Guitar hero... but i need to take a break because now my hand is feeling arthritic!!!

So that's it. You haven't missed much.