This is...

This is...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

i copied audra

audra, i would like to thank you for inspiring me... i TOTALLY copied your recent collage!!!

here it is...

we went to the farnsworth's and our kids ran through the sprinklers...
phanelb was playing with my new camera and got some CUTE pics!!!
had to do a collage cause there were too many to choose from!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

new camera

so, we got a new camera! (i dropped my old one and it doesnt stay on all the time...)
i thought i would capture some images around my house to test it out!

1. the kids playroom: - they had just dumped all their toys out AGGHHHH!!!!

2. my favorite thing INSIDE my house - my baby grand!!! i waited SO long for it and i LOVE it!!!

3. my favorite thing OUTSIDE my house - my mini rose bushes! they come back every year and they are SO beautiful!

now, i am no professional photographer (like most of my friends are...) but, i thought it was fun to take pics and give you guys a glimpse of my home!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aaron's week

so, lately, i have been feeling like aaron (cause he is the oldest) gets all the attention... charity is the forgotten one, and nate is just the sweet adorable baby

for example... last week, we went to Aaron's last tball game... has charity even played in an organized league yet? by the time aaron was 4, he had played 3 soccer teams already but charity hasnt at all?????

then we went to aaron's kindergarten graduation... this one i am ok with making him feel special

the only thing charity gets to do is gymnastics, and piano...but aaron does that too... i guess i could remedy my guilt by signing her up for dance or soccer... but i think she is too young to do too much...

dont get me wrong. charity doesnt even notice... she is just so happy to do anything and has so much fun going to the games and going to aarons classroom and everything else, but i dont want to live just for my oldest... i want them all to feel special! i guess it is a matter of time before aaron has to go to all her dance recitals and other girly things...

aaron, i am SO proud of you! you are awesome at everything you do! charity, soon it will be your turn too! nate, you may have to wait a while...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Emily Needs...

So, i found a cool one.. ya, didnt i just do 7 interesting things and a MEME????
i am feeling a bit narcissistic! it isnt like anyone cares... and isnt that really why we blog?

here goes....
google "(your name) needs"...
these are the things i found:

as for the reason behind the picture? um...

1. Emily needs: to be told "No, there are certain things that just are NOT allowed"
i dont really consider myself a rule-breaker, but perhaps, i should be told things like, dont allow your husband to bring panda express egg rolls to sacrament meeting on fast sunday?

2. Emily needs: eating companions around noon on wednesday
i need eating companions every day - i LOVE company and i love to eat...

3. Emily needs: to give Tim food in social studies today
i dont know tim... but if i did, i would definately bring something - maybe some tater tots?

4. Emily needs: a boogiewoogie night
heck ya! lets go!

5. Emily needs: almost 24-hour care because ... who doesnt?

6. Emily needs: to be whipped into shape by Nanny 911
um, sorry to say, this one is most likely true!

7. Emily needs: to rely on this system so that she can learn through experience.
um, i think we all learn from experience. as far on what i rely on? i'll stick to my fam, friends, and the gospel!

8. Emily needs: a new computer
nope, i dont. its one of the perks to being married to joe! he is always buying new components, fdisk-ing, flashing the bios ;), reconfiguring our entire home network...etc... we all (even my children) LOVE computers, and we have a MILLION around the house (all of course networked together and working in complete harmony) ;) hence, the lovely picture... joe wanted me to get all my junk off of one of his drives....

really, i dont need anything... except perhaps to take my own kids to disney world, so that in 15 years they can look back and laugh thinking... poor mom... couldnt get us to brush our hair or put on descent clothes....

OK blogger friends... it is your turn! this one was fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

7 interesting things

so, i have read the 7 interesting things on many blogs, and like summer driggs... here i go... 7 interesting things about me:

1. i LOVE sugar! i eat my "treats at noon" every day - it usually consists of 4-5 chips ahoy soft batch cookies and a tall glass of milk - YUM YUM...

2. i HATE to cook... i blame it on the fact that i teach piano ALL afternoon most days of the week, but in all reality, i just dont like it. it is a chore that doesnt bring me happiness. i dont like salads, and i dont really even like healthy or home-cooked food all that much... so give me something that microwaves in minutes! (i know, it is SO bad) my kids eat veggies and lots of fruit, but if i didnt feel a constant need to teach healthy eating habits to my children, i seriously would do frozen burritos or lean cuisines EVERY night!

3. i cant ever say NO. i dont know how. when it comes to EVERYTHING. can i take another piano student? sure. can i do this or that for this random person? ya! it drives joe crazy, but i just feel like i need to be nice, and help others... in regards to my church choir obsession, and compulsive need to say yes to teach ANYONE in ANY ward here in texas how to play piano... blame it on the fact that i feel i am just doing my part to "build the kingdom"!

4. i love to work out! i feel so good about myself after a good session at the gym. i mean, i LOVE it when my legs are all wobbly as i walk down the stairs, or my arms are so tired i can hardly pick my kids up! ps, i LOVE my gym - it is well worth the 20 min + drive it takes to get there! yay lifetime fitness!

5. i LOVE to waste time on the computer... especially recently, i have developed an addiction to blog hopping! it is so fun to see the chains of people other people know. honestly, just today, i happened upon some friends i had in NJ! seriously, how fun! do you remember that game 6 steps to kevin bacon or something like that?

6. i love change. i crave excitement and drama. i love moving and meeting new people. i love how it feels to start fresh! i totally enjoy getting to know people and trying to learn great things from them!

7. i enjoy being alone with my thoughts. i dont listen to music when i clean or work on my computer... i hate background noise... just leave me alone with my random chain of thought, and i am happy and a LOT more productive! seriously, while i am doing my chores, my mind is free to roam and ponder all of life's mysteries! (i am truly a dork)

ok, now it is your turn!

Immigration Frustration... warning, politically charged!

ok, so usually, this blog is about my family, and very cute things they do...
but not today, so if you are in the mood for something cute, go visit one of my friends' blogs...

i listen to a lot of talk radio. WARNING: i am going to wax very political and very controversial....

it seems like our government is trying to gain support for their latest regarding “immigration reform”... i dont really care about the legislation - i know it is just words on paper. what i care about is the fact that whatever they say, probably wont solve the problem! the whole time i was listening to some congressman spout his opinion on this matter, my mind kept going back to all the debate a few years ago, when the UN security council was passing resolution after resolution that was continuously ignored by Sodamn Insane (: i mean, Saddam...

anyways, come to find out, there were a lot of creepy things going on (i.e. the french) taking money and bribes... and although resolutions were being passed, nothing really got accomplished. Cherry's impression of a brittish cop yelling with his little baton "stop! or i'll yell stop again!" comes to mind…(completely incapable and disrespected). am i the only one who finds all this "immigration reform" distinctly parallel to all the "resolutions" passed by the UN security council? am i the only one who sees that the real ineffectiveness of all these "reforms" regarding immigration is the lack of ability (or lack of incentive) to enforce them? and also note the conflict of interest because our own government representatives are actually pandering to these businesses and special interest groups who are snaking our own country from us? where is our representation?

interesting to note, that here in texas, farmers branch (a suburb of dallas) had a vote, that strongly supported a new legislation...

"The measures include apartment renters providing proof of citizenship or residency and making English the city's official language…
The English as official language measure does not restrict businesses or individuals from using other languages, but does mean the city will stop the practice of printing official documents in languages other than English, thus putting the translation responsibility on the individual, as it should be.
The renter measure, which will go into effect January 12, 2007, imposes a daily fine of $500 on violators."
said hereby city council here for a related story about the actual citizens voting for it to go into effect may 22

HOWEVER... yesterday, "A federal judge Monday blocked the Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch from enforcing a controversial ordinance that would bar most illegal immigrants from renting apartments." click here for that story

i especially appreciate the comments at the bottom.... (taxation w/out representation??)

does anyone else feel that they are no longer being represented? um, does anyone else want to NOT thank the ACLU? does anyone else want to scream AGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

i dont know what the solution to the problem is.

i like immigrants. i think it needs to be easier for people to come here legally. but i think that our government and its new "legislations" and ideas for "immigration reform" bear a strong resemblance (i am trying to emphasize a negative connotation) to the UN when it deals to actually enforcing the laws in regards to them. i am frustrated.

are we again thriving from slave labor? ok, they are being paid... but not very much. they are sending huge amounts of cash to their own country... am i mistaken or at walmart is it cheaper to send money to mexico than to another state in the union?

ok, i am rambling... better go fix my kids lunch.

but i am curious what you all think? am i right? am i mistaken? or do you just not care? i would appreciate any comments regarding this…

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I copied this off of Amy's blog...i LOVE these! For those of you who don't know what a MeMe is, it's basically a quick list of questions to answer. It's a lot of fun to visit your friends blog's and see their answers to the same questions. Here are my responses:


Two Names I Go by: Emo, Moe

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: jeans, ponytail

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: security, and something physical ;) lots of other things, but those were the 1st two in my mind!!! where are my thoughts????

Two of My Favorite Things to do: watch my kids be sweet to eachother (side note, yesterday, charity tripped on a toy, aaron climbed up, got a bandaid for her, put it on her, hugged her, and had her tell him all about how she got hurt) and waste time on the computer?

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: someone to clean up after me, and new flooring

Two pets I have: nate and joe

Two things I did last night: went out to dinner (for my bday) w/my hub, watched the STUPIDEST movie! actually i only got about 15 min. in then turned it off - 10 commandments the musical with val kilmer- something you can all laugh at, but i am pretty positive he isnt very proud of that work! the music wasnt that great and he had his shirt off (which i thought i would love) but he was out of shape :(!!!!

Two things I ate today: cake (birthday!!), arbys (they just opened one close to my house!

Two people I just talked to last: Joe, the Branns

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: going to church early for choir, hopefully taking a nap?

Two longest car rides: from here to colorado for new years... um, it took us 2 nights and almost 3 days because we kept getting snowed in and trapped!, and from either dallas or houston to mesa (done that a couple times)...

Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas and Easter... love the music, love the reason, love candy, and love presents!

Two favorite beverages: Dr pepper and Water

So go ahead copy and paste this and do your own....I would love to read yours!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Funeral for my sheets

i am so sad. i think i am going to have to permanently retire my FAVORITE sheet set...
i never get this way. i never get attached. i am the queen of purge! but, this one is going to be so hard. a small tear has extended (because it is right at the spot my toes go) to a rather large rip in my FAVORITE high thread count egyptian cotton sheet set.
i just feel like i DESERVE way nice sheets. i dont buy much makeup. i dont buy jewelry (not very good at accessorizing), i dont get my hair done (except once or twice a year i get a trim at great clips), i dont get all those things to feel like a pampered woman. most of my clothes come from walmart or target... ALL I WANT IS A NICE SET OF SHEETS! and my favorite set of sheets is now dead. i am so sad.
honestly, i have tried replacing them. i bought what i thought would be even softer and a slightly higher threadcount sheet set from not as good... not as soft.
so, here i sit. disappointed...silly, and materialistic... and sad. i am sure my husband would just laugh at me, but can any of you relate?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wishful thinking

so, i have to admit, i am not the most patient person in the whole world. it reflects into the way i mother as well! i love my babies, but i am always feeling so ready for the next stage - perhaps i should just sit and enjoy the phase i am in? i cant help myself though! what is making me think of this? nate has recently found the toilet - he likes to splash around... i think it is so gross. we keep all the bathroom doors shut and the lights off, but he seems to find a way to sneak in... so, putting both together, i decided to see if i could get him potty trained early. not really, but i would rather have him sit on the toilet than play in it! i just had to get a picture cause he was so thrilled to be on the pot! ;) in all actuality, i will probably not get him potty trained until he is about 3, but these pictures perfectly capture my psychotic wishful thinking!

ps - notice the pink eye... ya, fun.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

week at a glance

This was a big week!
Friday May 4th: Sam's wedding... Joe gashed his toes apart and had to get 2 layers of stitches, didnt make it to his own brother's wedding reception till 9pm - he wasnt really in the mood to dance :(

Saturday: Kids' Houston birthday party - aaron's bday was the 3rd, charity's was the 7th... it made sense to have a party while all the cousins were together in houston. i also got to see some of my old friends from houston!!!

Sunday: drive back up to dallas.

Monday: Tried to make it normal. go to the gym - come home - uh oh! charity has pink eye- AGGHHHH!!!! Aaron goes to gymnastics... hurry quick to the dr. we have a busy week ahead! i hate having sick kids!

Tuesday: fighting to get eyedrops in charity's eyes... looks like aaron has bugars in his eyes! keep him home from school...marathon piano teaching day (from 2:30-8:30)false alarm on aaron - he is clear.

Wednesday: sanitize house, charity gymnastics, teach piano (from 3-6), running late but make it to achievement days father daughter activity (that is my calling)...

Thursday: (Kids' birthday party here). clean, make 2 cakes (technically, i made 3 batches of cupcakes), babysit neighbors kid, CRAZY water slide bounce house party 40+ kids and their moms!! it rained, did the pinata and treats in the garage... stopped raining kids got back on bounce house... big grassy muddy mess... nate is FINALLY walking!!!

Friday: clean, go to mother's day tea party at kindergarten, visit girlfriend (ya, i have to do something fun!) teach piano... make a movie for mothers' day, finish cleaning, aaron t-ball game

Saturday: nate woke up w/pink eye! quick sanitize house, babysit girlfriends 3 boys, take everyone to mcdonalds, do yard work, clean, make brownies and other treats for recital, make kids practice, get house set up for piano recital... piano recital i was SOO proud of aaron and charity! what sweeties for endulging their mom and taking piano so young and doing so well! they werent even shy! ps..oh my gosh, one of my older boys gave the NICEST tribute to his mom before he played! i SERIOUSLY cried! clean house finish family movie thing...

Sunday: RECOVER!!!!! i am so relieved that i have no more projects hanging over my head anymore! i feel like such a weight is off my head. here is a link to the movie i made my mom...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Mormons

So, i finally watched the pbs documentary about mormons...
what did you guys think?
i had a few friends/family members say that they felt it wasnt fair. i disagree. i think it was fair. i think they did an excellent job. i think (and hope?) anyone watching it with an open mind would see it from that neutral perspective.
some of the things were hard to swallow, but, i wouldnt want to pretend or lie or cover it up.

1. mountain meadows massacre. i must admit a few years ago, i saw a history channel documentary on this that went more in depth, and did NOT do the mormons any justice. at that time, it left a bad taste in my mouth... but after thinking about it and coming to grips with the fact it happened... does it rock my testimony knowing that some mormons participated in such a brutal massacre? no, not any more than it would rock my testimony if my mormon bishop had an affair with a relief society president. even if the conspiracy went higher up in the church... i think those early mormon settlers were a people who had been brutalized and forced out of every place they went. they were suffering and had no trust in any outsiders for good reason... whatever happened, (although completely NOT justified or excused) it happened. fine. i am sorry for the victims, and i am sorry for the tragedy. i am sorry that humans are humans - capable of such fear and violence.

2. Joseph Smith. He was human. i have been exposed to lots of anti-mormon sentiment in the last few years - especially about Joseph Smith. at first, i started to doubt the whole thing. but then, i realized that the message can still be true, even if the messenger is not perfect. no man is perfect - only Jesus. so, we can find faults and dig up all the nasty things about a person, but if the message is true, does it matter if the messenger made a mistake or two along the way? does it change the validity of the message? Christ himself (John 4:7-42) taught a Samaritan woman (who had been sleeping around - VERY NOT PERFECT) and she went and told others and they in turn came to Christ. did it matter that she was not perfect? was the message she brought them somehow not true because a sortof 'harlot' delivered it? perhaps he gives his message to not-so-perfect people because it can test the faith of those who hear it?
Perhaps we can look for a parallel. just like Christ was born in a stable - the King of Kings - not born in some awesome clean castle somewhere - but in a stable. who would believe the Son of God would be born in some lowly stable?
Joseph Smith was the person in the latter days that restored the Gospel. he wasnt some king or well-spoken educated professor. he didnt have a lot of money. why would God restore his Gospel through him?
why would he let a woman who had been sleeping around testify of him?
why was paul a great apostle? why was alma a great missionary? need i say more?
He doesnt use the rich and powerful - he uses poor sinners.
so, when someone tries to tell me Joseph was a crazy gold digger or a sex addict... bring it on - wether it was true or not. actually, i would rather not hear it. i dont want to know. i dont care. i just think the message is true. by their fruits ye shall know them. look at what he started. i dont think anyone can argue with that - something good came from him, and he was a wonderful man!

3. Intellectuals. i think the Gospel embraces all truth. i have never felt like i would be shunned if i went searching for truth. i think the excommunicated people they interviewed were fair, but skewed their experiences. i dont think they could really be good mormons if they were trying to debunk the leaders of the church or protest about feministic views and the priesthood. maybe they didnt really want to be mormon anymore? maybe they had already lost their faith? The account of the lady who tried to make it look like she was a victim of widespread church sensorship - i couldn't take that seriously at all. where was the interview of the stake president who presided over that excommunication meeting? i think people are ex'd because they make mistakes or are blatantly disobedient - i thought excommunication was a means to bring about repentance. give them an opportunity to humble themselves, regain their testimony and be rebaptized?

all in all, i felt it was fair. maybe someone who watched it with questions about the mormons (like the lady i visit with at gymnastics) was able to get a glimpse of my faith and its history and culture.

perhaps my ramblings appear to excuse bad behavior - i dont. i think the prophets that have led our church are GREAT, honest, spiritual men. i think they listened and heeded promptings of the Spirit and built a great church. i think the Gospel is the message preached by this church - the Gospel Christ himself taught. i feel lucky and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful thing!