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This is...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

7 interesting things

so, i have read the 7 interesting things on many blogs, and like summer driggs... here i go... 7 interesting things about me:

1. i LOVE sugar! i eat my "treats at noon" every day - it usually consists of 4-5 chips ahoy soft batch cookies and a tall glass of milk - YUM YUM...

2. i HATE to cook... i blame it on the fact that i teach piano ALL afternoon most days of the week, but in all reality, i just dont like it. it is a chore that doesnt bring me happiness. i dont like salads, and i dont really even like healthy or home-cooked food all that much... so give me something that microwaves in minutes! (i know, it is SO bad) my kids eat veggies and lots of fruit, but if i didnt feel a constant need to teach healthy eating habits to my children, i seriously would do frozen burritos or lean cuisines EVERY night!

3. i cant ever say NO. i dont know how. when it comes to EVERYTHING. can i take another piano student? sure. can i do this or that for this random person? ya! it drives joe crazy, but i just feel like i need to be nice, and help others... in regards to my church choir obsession, and compulsive need to say yes to teach ANYONE in ANY ward here in texas how to play piano... blame it on the fact that i feel i am just doing my part to "build the kingdom"!

4. i love to work out! i feel so good about myself after a good session at the gym. i mean, i LOVE it when my legs are all wobbly as i walk down the stairs, or my arms are so tired i can hardly pick my kids up! ps, i LOVE my gym - it is well worth the 20 min + drive it takes to get there! yay lifetime fitness!

5. i LOVE to waste time on the computer... especially recently, i have developed an addiction to blog hopping! it is so fun to see the chains of people other people know. honestly, just today, i happened upon some friends i had in NJ! seriously, how fun! do you remember that game 6 steps to kevin bacon or something like that?

6. i love change. i crave excitement and drama. i love moving and meeting new people. i love how it feels to start fresh! i totally enjoy getting to know people and trying to learn great things from them!

7. i enjoy being alone with my thoughts. i dont listen to music when i clean or work on my computer... i hate background noise... just leave me alone with my random chain of thought, and i am happy and a LOT more productive! seriously, while i am doing my chores, my mind is free to roam and ponder all of life's mysteries! (i am truly a dork)

ok, now it is your turn!


JerzyGrl said...

Emily! So fun to see what's new with you and your family...I'm glad you found me blog hopping :)

The Farnsworth Family said...

Emily I am so glad I know you so well that I knew all of these things. So fun to read and be reminded why I love ya! I think the say no thing is a dominant gene passed down through the Allen genetics. I am hoping Dave's "who cares" gene dominates in our children. I LOVE to work out too at lifetime, but I get the best workouts when we work out together. Miss ya at the gym :( Maybe next week. I too have doubled my computer time since this stinkin blog addiction. I am hoping to tame it soon!

Nathan and Jordan said...

I loved the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon fun :)
So good to hear from you! You look amazing!
I will add you as a friend :)
take care!!

Amy said...

wow we are so different! I love to do chores to music....I am like that chick on honey I shrunk the kids who dances with the mop in the kitchen ...she is rocking out!
Change...I used to hate it now not so much I enjoy new people and new opportunities!

Birchall Family said...

That was the way I hate to cook. I think I just hate thinking about what to cook, I wish someone could buy all the stuff and tell me what to do, then I would like it! I share your passion for the gym!

Audra said...

I am with ya on the background noise. It is hard because Mike is the opposite and I am always asking him to turn the music off and he is always asking me to turn it on. What can ya do?

Fun to read about you!