This is...

This is...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

So sad it's funny

So, yesterday was so bad, it was funny.

Yesterday morning, was play day swap at my girlfriend's house. I thought the day would go so well. 11:00 came too quickly, so I picked up my kids plus one more while his mom was stuck at an appt. While I was talking to the kids asking them how much fun they had at their play day, I saw a cop (driving in the opposite direction) slam on his breaks and flip a U-turn. Oh CRAP!!! I wasn't speeding too much, (47 in a 40mph) but apparently, the speed limit was 35... AHHGGGGHHHH


No way I was talking my way out of that. I dont even know how people do that.
Oh well, there's nothing I could do about it.
I pulled into the house and made a lunch for Charity's little buddy and headed out to run a couple errands before taking him to school. I got a lot done in 30 mins and was almost over the whole ticket thing from earlier - really looking forward to taking my kids to McDonalds for another playdate and for me to socialize...
So, I turned off my street and get ready to turn into the school - when, I see the flashing lights AGAIN!!!! (different cop!)

WHAT THE ??????

I knew I hadn't done anything wrong. But, of course, I see SO many people I know in the little school lane... What was THIS ticket for? Expired inspection sticker.


AGGHHHHHH are you serious???? I was so frustrated. This was NOT my day. I headed to KwikKar and got that taken care of. Nate (as expected) messed his diaper while we were sitting in the car place and I couldnt/wouldnt change him there. So I waited for my car to be done and changed him in the car. Of course, it was one of those that smears out and makes a TOTALLY disgusting mess. There was no trash can in sight. So, I drove with dirty diaper IN MY HAND towards McDonalds. I was laughing. I pulled into the parking lot. Charity didnt want McDonalds. FINE. I threw out my diaper and headed somewhere else.

I pulled into TacoBell/PizzaHut - they took forever. My change was going to be $5.51. I hold my hand out and the entire $5.51 in QUARTERS drops all over the drive through. WHAT??? I was expecting 50 cents. The guy came out and only found $5.00 - he said the rest rolled under my car. screw it - keep the 50 cents.

The day got better... but I had to laugh.

Hope you all have a good day today!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I knew it...

Well, I hate to say it, but I knew the Cowboys would lose today.
It doesn't make me any less dissapointed.
Maybe the whole team should have gone down to mexico - Romo and Witten didnt TOTALLY suck. I just wish our defense could have stepped up. I wish Crayton could have caught a ball. I wish... I wish...
I think we now see the importance of a December surge. Who cares how good you do in the season. We saw it today with the Colts and the Cowboys - you get too comfortable and dont play anymore through December (well, you can blame the colts loss on some turnovers, but maybe that even helps illustrate my point better) However, by the END of the season, those teams you beat earlier in the year have better chemistry. They have a HEART. They play through injuries and are fighting to get somewhere you just think you deserve.
While we are at it, we can pull the Mavs into this conversation. Last year, they had an AMAZING season. But, when it came down to it, they ALLOWED a team into the playoffs by letting their starters "rest". It was THAT VERY team that fought so hard just to get INTO the playoffs that BEAT them in the first round.
So, do we care how well you play through the year if you cant get past 1 FRICKEN round of the playoffs?
Go get some heart and go for a championship - not just for the 1st round BYE...

But, on a happier note...

We got bunkbeds for the boys. We ordered them from, for CHEAP and they were here 2 days later (WOW!). of course, charity didnt want to be left out of the bunkbed fun, so she has been sleeping in there with them. Nate loves it, and has done pretty well even taking naps and not getting too crazy (yet) on them. We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

moved in moms house

For those of you who are wondering what this is...
My parents are not here yet (and I am SOOOOOO excited for them to move here) but their stuff that has been in storage for 5 years in AZ arrived, and I was there to get it in the house... too bad I hadnt seen any of it since before I moved out after highschool, and i had no clue what ANY of it was or where it should go...

So, mom, this is what you will COME HOME to... i went through your house and took pictures... i think we will have a lot of fun going through all this stuff that has been in STORAGE FOR 5 WHOLE YEARS!!! i am getting ready for lots of laughs and lots of "I kept THAT????"

moving is so fun!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So, I am living with these 2 things as constant companions here....

Seriously, I have had a cold since before Thanksgiving. Sometimes it is a little better, and sometimes it is a LOT worse. Last night was one of those nights - On top of not being able to breathe or get comfortable because of congestion, I was up at 2 with my ears throbbing in pain, and I have had the chills and a fever. AGGHHHH... So, I have loaded up on tylonal and nyquil and all morning I curled up on the couch and let my kids just roam free while I felt sorry for myself. BUT I wasnt feeling any better. So...

Plan B: (from my mom) When you are sick, dont just curl up and feel sorry for yourself, get up, clean your house, open the windows, get some fresh air, and you will feel lots better. Well, I did just that - well, my house isnt perfectly clean yet, but I did my dishes, sanitized counters, mopped the floors, opened all the windows, picked up etc.. i guess i should vacuum real quick... but (although my ear ache is coming back and i have a headache and my nose is a constant clogged/dripping faucet) i feel better.

Thanks mom.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Joe, Joe, Joe

Here is something that will make you chuckle:
We were sitting in Sunday school, involved in a little whispering discussion (yes, we are that disruptive couple). Joe got frustrated with me, and trying to point out some inconsitencies in my actions, said "You are just like a democrat!". I giggled. Was that supposed to vex me more? So, I said this is going to land on my blog. He said he was looking forward to it.

So, yes, I married a nut. But I really do love him! Thanks for making even our arguments interesting JOE!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Now about them Cowboys:

Please excuse this little blurb... needing someone to listen to what I am thinking and Joe is out of town...
I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I can remember. I have a faint memory of my mom jumping up and down cheering for Danny White when we lived in Plano (I must have been 6 or 7 years old). I remember proudly wearing my Cowboy’s super bowl T-shirt when I lived in New Jersey as a young teenager (amidst a sea of Giants fans). As a 13 year old girl, I could proudly say I LOVED my BOYS, and would happily rattle off names and stats of the greats like Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and their coach Jimmy Johnson. I also remember all the disappointment felt in the years after. I remember feeling a gentle surge of hope when Bill Parcells and then T.O signed on. Now, in the era of Wade Phillips, and Tony Romo, can we pull out a big victory? I hate to say it, but I am VERY skeptical - too skeptical to even think we can get further than our little BYE week in the playoffs.

Right now, we are partially blaming some blonde bimbo for the decline of our quarterback. In the last 4 weeks, the word IMPOTENT better describes what I thought was one of the best offenses in the NFL. Blame whatever you want, but if you can’t score a touchdown simply because you’re down ONE wide receiver, you have bigger problems on your hands.
As for Romo: where did his game go? Earlier in the season, he used his head and actually scrambled for a couple first downs. In the last few games, he looked a bit too similar to a bad Favre – slinging a bad or dangerous throw rather than scrambling to that yellow line. Doesn’t he see it RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM??? ;) He once told another dame that he needed to concentrate on the game. Can’t he repeat that?
Dear Jessica, I need to save my legs for the game. Did your dad set us up because he is really a Cowboys hater? Convenient. I will see you in February. ps your dad is crazy.

So, now, (along with the other Cowboy fans) I am hoping for a miracle. Hoping T.O. can play. Hoping Romo will pull his head out. Hoping Terry Glenn comes out as strong and as awesome as he has ever been. Hoping Terrence Newman gets better, and Roy Williams learns how to tackle… do I need to continue? If all these things come together, we have a shot at losing to the Patriots come February.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Ranch

So, we went down to the ranch for a few days (even while Cherry and Dawn were here visiting us!!). I managed to steal Lochlin and Braeden away from everyone and they came along with us to join the fun there. It was so fun, and quite difficult to come back. Here are some pictures of the property:

We have so much fun riding around on the 4 wheelers and MULEs, playing games, riding horses, and simply playing outside - i LOVE how you can just let the kids out and you really dont see them until they want food ;) Mostly, they just wanted hot chocolate, and pretty much that is all Loch and Brae lived on for the time they were there! Anyways, we are so glad Dad and Trish bought this property, and we look forward to spending many weekends here!!! (i mean, who wouldnt???)