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This is...

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

I remember September 11th 2001 so vividly. Aaron was just a baby. I remember standing in my towel (just out of the shower) for almost and hour watching the news in complete SHOCK. I remember the fear as I knew my sister Cherry rode the PATH train to the WTC on her way to work. I remember calling my dad (who was in London). I remember being overcome with sadness and grief and worry. I remember the relief when we heard that Cherry was out and OK. I also remember as the days followed - the pride I felt for my country, and the respect and admiration I had for firemen, policemen, and our other servicemen. As it has now been several years since, I read Cherry's account of her experience - her description of the man holding the door open for others to get out. Her recollection of the fear in the people as they ran away, and the glimpses of the others who ran towards the chaos to save complete strangers. It simply reminds me that we live in a nation of heroes. I want my kids to know heroes aren't the people in comic books - they are real human beings who sacrifice so much for other people.

Well, a few years ago, my girlfriend Ruth back in Keller started a tradition to go visit the firemen on September 11th. We take that day to talk to our kids about being a hero. We take the firemen goodies, and cards. It is always a quick and easy way to talk about and remember the lessons our nation learned that day.

This year, a few friends from school joined us! We made cards, and brought cookies and visited our local firemen. The kids had a blast in the fire station. It was quick and fun! Yay for our local heroes!

They turned on their sirens... It was pretty LOUD!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Kids - the photographers...

My kids LOVE to take pictures. They take pictures of forts they build. They take pictures of their favorite toys. They take pictures of themselves. They take pictures of each other. I so often find that my camera has been commandeered and loaded with various pictures taken by sticky little fingers. I don't mind. Some of their pictures are priceless. Some of their pictures are actually quite good. If my 3 year old is capable of taking good pictures, why oh why cant I?