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This is...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Because I am an American

I went to a tea party today. It was a peaceful rally held in Southlake TX - for taxpayers who feel like they have been Taxed Enough Already. Because today is "tax day", hundreds of rallies are occurring throughout the United States. It is a grassroots attempt by people just like me to get their ever expansive government to pay attention to them.

I carried a sign. My father came with me. My 3 yr old son was by my side.

I must say, I left feeling even more proud to be an American. I was moved to tears as a prayer was said at the opening. The pastor prayed for our leaders. He prayed that they would have soft hearts and be receptive. He prayed for them to be guided and directed in good. He prayed for our military.

This prayer was said in a PUBLIC square, in front of SEVERAL HUNDRED people - I am not of the same faith of the pastor. I am not of the same faith of the person standing next to me. However, I was filled with such pride and hope and patriotism at that moment. The tears streamed down. I wiped them away. They continued to flow as we said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang "God Bless America". I love my country.

It brought to mind this scripture:

Alma 10: 22-24
Yea, and I say unto you that if it were not for the
prayers of the righteous, who are now in the land, that ye would even now be
visited with utter destruction; yet it would not be by flood, as were the people
in the days of Noah, but it would be by famine, and by pestilence, and the
But it is by the prayers of the righteous that ye
are spared; now therefore, if ye will cast out the righteous from among you then
will not the Lord stay his hand; but in his fierce anger he will come out
against you;
... and the time is soon at hand except ye repent.
And now it came to pass that the people were more
angry with Amulek, and they cried out, saying: This man doth revile against our
laws which are just, and our wise lawyers whom we have selected.
I went to a TEA party because I feel passionately that OUR government has gotten too big. I see similarities with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. I see similarities of the collapse of Russia (a SUPER POWER) after the Cold War. I see similarities with the French Revolution. I don't know what the future holds. I don't want to be condemned to repeat the past.

I want my children to have the same freedoms I was blessed to have.

I feel strongly that hardships BUILD character. Entitlements enslave the recipient. The biggest government handout I have ever received was in the form of a low interest federal student loan while my husband finished grad school. He has a job. I am a mother to our 3 children. When money is tight, we cut frivolous spending, and if it is still tight, I find ways to bring in some extra income. We have never gotten WIC, or been recipients of any government programs. We own our cars - they aren't flashy, but they are PAID for! We live in a house we can afford. We don't spend money we don't have to uphold an image we can't afford.

We are taxpayers, and I believe we are the forgotten man.

This is Me & Nate with Mark Davis - local talk show host. (see my poster?)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Wow... has another month come and gone?
We had a lot of fun this month. We started by going to the ranch. The excuse this time? Jeff's birthday. It was really cold outside, so we all pretty much just stayed inside playing games. The boys braved the gale force winds and even made a fire. Fun times.

Then, we went back and I found out I get to be behind the piano for ward choir. Practices to be back at the Robinson casa as well. Certain things just seem to follow me, but I don't mind. I don't think Joe will mind either (at least till football season starts back up again). YAY ward choir!!! ;)

I painted my walls... Joe actually helped!!! It was a tough day, but having color in the house REALLY warms up the place, and at least helps it feel like it is STARTING to become our home...

We went back to the ranch for spring break. This time, Dan and Richelle also came. The weekend weather was cold and rainy, so we pretty much stayed inside. The boys built a fire IN THE RAIN... the kids got to roast marshmellows... Sunday night, Joe and Jeff's family had to return to their obligations, so me and the kids stayed behind (along with Dan's family) at the ranch. The weather was beautiful on Monday and Tuesday. The kids rode 4-wheelers, and we all had a blast splashing in the mud puddles left behind from the weekend rain.
We went to the prison museum there in Huntsville... about 10 minutes of entertainment... then I took Jamie and Paul along with me and my kids to the Sam Houston monument for another 10 minutes of entertainment.
We woke up Tues morning and rode horses. I don't quite trust the horses yet... but nobody got injured or bucked off this time... Then, we went on 1 more 4 wheeler ride, and headed home to make it back JUST IN TIME for Aaron's baseball practice.

I woke up the next morning, and decided rather than unpacking, I wanted to spend the rest of the week down in Keller, so I just put the bags we took to the ranch back in the car and headed out to my mom's house.
Jill and Sean (Scott's brother and his wife) were out visiting. They were my old friends from back in the day when we lived in NJ so it was fun to see them. We went to 6 flags on Thursday. Joe took a half day at work to come meet up with us there. It was tons of fun. The kids had a blast. UNTILL... 10 minutes before the park closed, Joe and I decided to go on the TITAN. I used to absolutely LOVE rollercoasters. Officially, I am too old. I got off the rollercoaster and for the next 2 days, had a terrible headache and vertigo and decided that misery is NOT worth it!
Friday, Joe called asking if I was ever going to come home. So I did...
Saturday morning, I looked at my front yard and was competely MORTIFIED! I had weeds bigger than the pathetic bushes... Landscaping is DEFINATELY on the agenda... I spent all day Saturday filling 2 leaf bags of just WEEDS from the garden!!! FUN TIMES!!!
Only 3 people came to choir on Sunday. :( (besides Joe, me and the choir director)
I made valences for my family room and eating area! Very simple, but they TOTALLY help warm up the place... My mom was awesome and came up and spent the day shopping for fabric with me, and then helping me with the project - making dinner for my family while I tried to hurry and finish up... I am so lucky to have my mother!!!
Finally, we are to Friday. Joe and I checked the kids out of school at noon, and dumped them at my mom's house. Then, we went to UT - just the 2 of us!!! I was SOOOOO unbelievably excited. Friday night, we stayed at Lydia's house. Sam, Kat, Steve and Sarra, and Steph joined us there for dinner and games. It was so awesome to have Joe's brothers able to hang out with me and my sisters. Saturday, Joe, me, Sam and Steve headed to Snowbird. It was absolutely beautiful because the sun was out, it was warm, and there was good snow (because it snowed Thurs). A little bump in the day came when Sam lost a ski... then my binding broke, so I had to ride a broken board all over creation to find a screw... But, still the day was a LOT of fun. I am making a video because Joe got some great footage - I wonder why I have a headache.
Sunday was just a relaxing day. Steve, Sam, and Steph came over to Lyd's again, and we played games... Thanks for allowing the chaos Lyd. Then, Joe and I headed up to the Sheraton in SLC. He upgraded us to a suite, and Sam and Kat spent the night up there with us so we could continue playing games. Monday, Joe and I woke up and headed to Park City for another day of fun. It was a bit windy and cold, but still a WONDERFUL day (because it snowed Sunday). I ended up hurting my shoulder on a nasty spill... I keep forgetting I am almost 30... but, it was really nice to just spend the day on the mountain with my hubby. He humors me and does the runs I like just cause he loves me. I wanted to video him, but he preferred to stay behind the camera... although, he did do a couple jumps, and even some box rails... STUD!!! That night, we went to Cafe Rio and met up with Owen and Jen & Ted, and Lyd & fam and Steph & Nate. It was great to see Jen!!! I really wish she would have skiid with us - she used to be my skiing buddy... but I guess it is hard with 3 kids... I will excuse it this time Jen, but next time I am there, I FULLY expect you on that mountain with me!! Then, we went to Lydia's for another round of games... Alyssa finally graced us with her presence... I really think she is cute, and really hope she someday OFFICIALLY joins our family ;)
We got back to the hotel at about 1am, and slept in, went to a movie, bought some chocolate, ate some sushi, went to temple square, then got on a plane to return to our kiddos. It was a WONDERFUL trip. I am so glad I got to go with Joe. We don't do much with just the 2 of us, so it was nice to reconnect with him. I had a few anxiety attacks about the kids because I missed them terribly, but I got over it... They ended up ditching school Monday and Tuesday, but I think they will catch up... Oh gosh I hope they don't develop the same truency issues I had in highschool!!! ANYWAYS... Thanks mom for watching them!!! Thanks kids for being so good for grandma! I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family that is willing/able to help with my kids. I am also so lucky that my children are so good. I really do have the sweetest and best children anyone could ever wish for.
Plane tickets: $0 (frequent flyer)
Sleeping accomodations: $0 (family and hotel points)
Babysitter for kids: $0 (grandma)
having the most wonderful family: priceless.
Thanks again Mom and Cherry for watching the kids.
Thanks again to Lydia and Dan for letting us not only stay with you and eat your food, but also for letting us bring MORE crazy Robinsons into your house!
Thanks Steve and Sarra for gracing us with your presence. And also for Sam and Kat! (Sorry you ended up buying 1 ski).
Thanks for Steph and Nate (hope you finished your assignment)... and Owen and Alyssa for the use of your snowboard (although, I would gladly have traded that for your actual presence on the moutain with us!) and also for FINALLY coming home and spending a bit of time with us... and also Jen and Ted for hauling out to Cafe Rio for a crazy dinner with a huge group of crazies.