This is...

This is...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Where's my fairy?

I drove home last night from our Thanksgiving vacation in Houston (in the rain with a screaming baby and no husband). I got home 15 mins before choir. After choir (luckily it wasnt at my house), I had to go to the store because I was completely OUT of food. I made taquitos for dinner. I put the kids to bed. I unloaded the car. But that was as far as I got. Now, where's the cleaning fairy that will unpack and put all this junk away?

Anyways, here are the pictures from Joe's dad's ranch. We had so much fun there. It was absolutely beautiful.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


here is an explanation those pictures:

Any given Sunday, the office is bound to look like this. Stat tracker running on Joe's desktop AND his laptop... game on his tv (it is also on the bigger tv in the living room and most likely playing in our bedroom too)... WHAT A LIFE!

I finally took Nate to the park all by himself and we met our friends with kids his own age. He usually tags along and plays with Aaron and Charity, but this trip to the park was all about him. Somehow, his friends stayed nice and clean, but he was the only one to get dirty.

Another pic is the kids reading before bed. Yes, we all look beautiful. Notice my baby is in a portacrib...

Then, the last few pictures are of Charity's preschool Thanksgiving feast/sing-a-long. Fun times.

Monday, November 12, 2007

6 or things

so, i guess i have been tagged.

1. scattered thoughts on scattered pages. i have always been somewhat of a dramatic writer. whenever i am upset, i write a song, or a poem, or just a letter to vent. nobody ever sees these things, but scattered in many random drawers and on many loose and scattered pages or burried even in my children's spiral notebooks are random things that i have written. my family will have a hay day finding all these things when i die. they will think i was so strange! ps, you can see i have a consistant issue with capitolization.

2. i want to be strong. my idea of strong isnt body-builder. my idea of strong is more like a pioneer woman. i want to be tough, resourceful, resilliant, and definately strong enough to walk across the country with one child on my back and pulling the rest in some rickety handcart. i want to be that woman who pops a kid out one day and is working in the fields the next. i want to be able to be strong enough to get through the physical trials as well as the emotionally devastating ones. so, i work out like crazy not to look like some porn star or america's next top model - i have never really fit that mold. i do it cause i want to be strong like a pioneer.

3. i love to have fun. seriously, i think i am still 19. i love to go dancing. i love to sing kareoke. i love to be crazy and silly. i love to do things that are active (like lazer tag or play ANY sport) HOWEVER i am no longer crazy-reckless. ever since i fell off a cliff at havasupi falls i realized i am definately NOT immortal. although, i still love to snowboard like a kid ;)

4. i love football. more than any other sport, football is my absolute FAVORITE! i love to play fantasy football. i wish i could play REAL football (well, maybe not tackle). i have absolutely NO problem spending the weekend kickin it on my couch yelling at the tv. i love to GO to games. i completely support my husband in his desire to spend time playing and watching sports too. i can get into other sports... but i am a HUGE football fan. even right now, i am watching monday night football ALL BY MYSELF! ;)

5. i like music. duh. anyone who knows me knows that music is very important in my life. i FEEL music. people can say things to me, but i only really understand when it is put to music... i can play piano. i hurt my mom's ears when i play violin, but i also claim to play the clarinet, and guitar. Allen rules say you can claim an instrument if you can play "little brown jug" on it... therefore, i can ALSO legally 'claim' to play the tuba, Sop, Alto, Tenor and Bass recorders, flute, cello, and any other instrument you put in front of me... hehe ;) but dont ask me to play anything other than piano in church - you will be very sorry...

6. nothing. i cant think of anything else... other than i am unique - just like everyone else. if you can think of a #6 for me, i would love to know...

so, tag, you're it!

What we have been doing

I have been really busy lately... My parents decided to get the house that I put up with all those home-made virtual tours.... I am really excited because it is SO close!!! (well, i guess anything in the mainland is closer than HAWAII) but this home is seriously about 5 minutes away from me!!!! WOO HOO!!!
but let me just say that the whole home buying process is exhausting, and even though I am not the one purchasing the home, i am WORN OUT!

I have also been busy at the school decorating...

He has had a lot of fun lately. Last weekend (while my mom was here) he took Aaron to the CRAFTSMAN TRUCK SERIES at Texas Motor Speedway. On his way there, he got into a 'little' accident (in my truck of course) and so now i am driving around a 'little' rental car...

something makes me think we are becoming TX WT!!!!
He also took Aaron to the TCU game that Saturday...

then he headed up to Provo on Thursday to watch the BYU/TCU game with his brother. SERIOUSLY, he is the luckiest guy on the planet. I wish i could have gone to that one.

He played in the SUPERBOWL and WON! (his little flag football league)

She learned how to ride a 2 wheeler all by herself. We bribed her with a barbie, so ever since, we have been listening to the Barbie Island Princess sing all the songs... fun times - hope it runs out of battery soon???

He is really cute... but his life isnt really exciting yet.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

a million things

it has been a while... i have been busy.
So, all you beauty friends... i have a 4 yr old that looks like this:

she has the most beautiful BIG eyes... but so many times right after someone says what beautiful eyes she has, they comment on her UNIBROW! i once tried to take her to a salon, but they said i should just leave it. ANYWAYS, i have been using VEET for sensitive skin to make it look like this:
am i a bad mom for doing this? i am not wanting her to be some beauty queen or anything... but am i crossing the line here? i am a very low maintanence person, and i dont want to make her feel like she needs to do a million things to make herself beautiful... i am a hypocrite i know! should i just leave it and let her do it when she asks me? or is having 2 eyebrows considered a necessity? i think she is beautiful no matter what... i just dont like the attention on her eyebrow when it should be on her cute dimple/smile/eyes etc. would you guys do it too? or should i just leave it alone????