This is...

This is...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I copied this off of Amy's blog...i LOVE these! For those of you who don't know what a MeMe is, it's basically a quick list of questions to answer. It's a lot of fun to visit your friends blog's and see their answers to the same questions. Here are my responses:


Two Names I Go by: Emo, Moe

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: jeans, ponytail

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: security, and something physical ;) lots of other things, but those were the 1st two in my mind!!! where are my thoughts????

Two of My Favorite Things to do: watch my kids be sweet to eachother (side note, yesterday, charity tripped on a toy, aaron climbed up, got a bandaid for her, put it on her, hugged her, and had her tell him all about how she got hurt) and waste time on the computer?

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: someone to clean up after me, and new flooring

Two pets I have: nate and joe

Two things I did last night: went out to dinner (for my bday) w/my hub, watched the STUPIDEST movie! actually i only got about 15 min. in then turned it off - 10 commandments the musical with val kilmer- something you can all laugh at, but i am pretty positive he isnt very proud of that work! the music wasnt that great and he had his shirt off (which i thought i would love) but he was out of shape :(!!!!

Two things I ate today: cake (birthday!!), arbys (they just opened one close to my house!

Two people I just talked to last: Joe, the Branns

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: going to church early for choir, hopefully taking a nap?

Two longest car rides: from here to colorado for new years... um, it took us 2 nights and almost 3 days because we kept getting snowed in and trapped!, and from either dallas or houston to mesa (done that a couple times)...

Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas and Easter... love the music, love the reason, love candy, and love presents!

Two favorite beverages: Dr pepper and Water

So go ahead copy and paste this and do your own....I would love to read yours!


The Driggs said...

Those are so fun! I love that your kids are so sweet to each other. I am sure your son learned how to take care of his sister from watching you! (Oh, and your question about our net around the trampoline was pretty much just because Cory and I weren't smart enough to figure it out, and so now it has become like Tarzan swings for the kids)!!!

Amy said...

Um I guess I didn't realize it was your birthday! So happy birthday! Hope you had a fun day!
You may notice I wasn't at church today...pretty much so swollen around my feet that I need to keep them up all day I swear I must be 80 yrs old.

The Farnsworth Family said...

Em love the new blog ;) This MeMe is cute. I may have to do it sometime. Hope you had a fun week end. I will see you Monday at the gym right?!?

The Driggs said...

Oh yes...I was the middle child too!