This is...

This is...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was planning on driving, but Aaron had mandatory football practice, and Joe couldn't get out of work... so I left the big boys home while Charity, Nate and I flew to Arizona for Owen's wedding.
This being the 6th wedding in the family, we FINALLY figured out how to make it a fun trip for everyone. Rather than splitting up into different houses, or messing with a hotel (and different hotel rooms) we rented a big house with a pool! It was so nice to have common areas and a kitchen and then separate bedrooms when we needed them. It worked out perfectly for babysitting, and killing the down time between activities (it was dead of summer in ARIZONA). The pool was the perfect and essential touch.
p.s. This year, my baby Nate turned into a little fish. He absolutely LOVES swimming. At barely 3 he is swimming so well! He loves jumping off the edge and swimming the length of the pool. He holds his breath so long sometimes it gives me a heart attack... but I'm so thrilled to have all my kids independent swimmers now! HUGE relief!

Of course, we did the essential pre-wedding temple session with Owen and Alyssa. FYI: I LOVE my family!!!

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