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This is...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Friends Visit

Our friends, the Kings came from Idaho to visit! We had a lot of fun for a few days! The kids played well together. The adults played well together too! ;)

We went to the lake with Dan, Richelle and family. They drove the jetskis back from Lake Powell, and hadn't yet taken them down to Joe's dad... so we reaped the benefits! We all met and had a great time!

I was still suffering headaches and vertigo from a little too much craziness at Lake Powell, so my time on the jetskis lasted about 5 minutes. A little depressing because I don't want to get old. It feels so weird to transition from the one who has all the fun to the one who watches others have fun.

Anyways, it was a quick visit with the Cheryl, Koby, Preston and Addi King, but delightful!

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