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This is...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Owen's Wedding!

So, the real reason we went to Arizona was to go to Owen and Alyssa's wedding.
It was so fun!
Alyssa was so cute and made so many things! Everything was simply beautiful! They had a candy table - all in their peacock colors. Alyssa made everyone flowers for our hair, and even some bracelets for us to wear too! She didn't stop there either! She made all the table cloths, and even aprons for the girls who were serving food. I should have taken more pictures of the decorations...
The little girls were the flower girls - look at Charity's face. She loved every second of it! The little girls felt like princesses. Alyssa was beautiful. It was such a nice wedding! I wish all the best to this new cute couple!

We, of course, came home exhausted. It was a great day! To be honest, I was stressing about a wedding in Arizona in AUGUST! I was thinking they were NUTSO for wanting the reception to be outside. However, it all worked out. It was a pleasant evening. Nobody melted. ;)
Charity, Nate and I headed home back to Texas the next day - homesick for the boys back home... and ready to start school!!!

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