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This is...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

We were finally settled in to Grandma Allen's house. We no longer own a home! I am 30 and living with my mother!
At least my piano has a lovely home. It is actually quite fun to have 2 LARGE pianos in 1 room! So many fun duets!!! We have been having a LOT of fun with music! Christmas is the BEST time to have 2 pianos! ;)
Anyways, Christmas Eve was AWESOME!It SNOWED... HERE IN TEXAS!!! We had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!
Believe you me - the kids were so pumped about it!
Cherry & Scott and family came over for Christmas Eve dinner... well, they had to park in the neighborhood behind Grandma's house because the snow made it so hard to get up the hill to her neighborhood!!! We had a WONDERFUL meal - all seafood! Shrimp, salmon, halibut, crab legs... everything down to the salad was made with fish! Luckily Grandpa Allen and Scott are excellent chefs! IT WAS DELICIOUS! It was such a lovely evening!

Then, the kids put on a show/nativity, and then the Driscolls went home. Here are my kids putting on a second show(singing/dancing) before we let them open their traditional 1 present for Christmas Eve...
I must admit it is quite nice living with my parents. They are the greatest grandparents EVER! My mom is always doing fun things with the kids - crafts, reading, puzzles, music... not to mention the fact that my parents love to cook for us! Oh ya, the cleaning/laundry fairy resides here too!!! We are SO lucky!


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