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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Feed My Starving Children

Aaron's football team volunteered together at a charity event for Feed My Starving Children. It is a Christian based ministry where they fill and send nutrition packets (rice with protein and soy and veggie powder) to sustain life for children and adults suffering from severe malnutrition in impoverished countries.

These are the bags we labeled, filled and shipped...

The event started out with an instructional video. It showed people filling the bags and then packing the boxes and sending the boxes... then it showed people receiving the boxes and actually eating. It interviewed people and children who are lucky to get 1 meal a day... in places where the RICH are lucky to get 2 meals a day. It showed how some children suck on dirt and rocks to stave off their hunger. Aaron and Charity were deeply touched - I could see it in their faces, and in the things they said afterward. I (of course) was so touched, that I bawled through the video. It really was a special opportunity. Not many times do little kids kids actually get to go do service and see the fruits of their efforts.

We picked the labeling part of the assembly line and put all the labels on the bags.
This is essentially what our little process looked like (I stole all these pictures from their website).

Other people put the ingredients in, while yet other people filled the boxes and took them to the shipping area. We filled so many! We all had a great time! I want to go and do it again! I think our new Christmas tradition will be a service opportunity like this!

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