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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trip to Houston!

Christmas afternoon, Joe and I packed up and headed to Houston... for what would probably be our last trip there for who knows how long... :(
We first went to Dad Robinson's new house. He had heated his pool... it was LOVELY and warm. Outside was very cold. All the little cousins were in heaven! The Davies even graced us with their presence! It was great to see mostly all of Joe's family.

The kids sleeping so soundly in the bunk house... I LOVE how cute and cuddly they are!
Nate has become quite the little fish! He loves to swim! He actually swims quite far by himself for a little 3 year old! Yay for swim lessons!
Joe and Nate on their inaugural ride down the slide

Joe had to work during the week, so when he was in Utah, I just chilled with the sister in laws... spent the night at the ranch, bounced between Jeff's house, the Ranch, and the Lake House.
I also took that opportunity to hang out with Kysha! It was so good to see her and her DARLING little girls. They (at 4 and 7) are already better than I could ever hope to be at stringed instruments. I just think they are amazing!
Kysha's adorable family!!
LOVE these girls!

Joe flew back to Houston Wed night for the New Years festivities.
All five brothers were around, so there were lots of "Boy" activities... go karts, motorcycles, basketball...
I just enjoyed relaxing and watching everyone else have fun. The kids enjoyed swimming, playing, eating donuts, go karts, 4wheeling at the ranch... the list goes on...
It was sad to think we might not make it back for a while.
The five brothers on five bikes.
Aaron and Joe are such buddies. They are two peas in a pod. He wants to be able to do all the things his daddy gets to do! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!

My little Nate waiting so patiently, looking so cute in his boots...
Just hangin out - watching the "kids" on their karting adventure.

Notice Joe by his lonesome. He was riding in the lead right there with Jeff and Sam... but somehow he got spun out in the grass...

Jeff explaining some crazy maneuvers to his captive audience.

Aaron's king of the world!!!
Kids all piling in the hot tub... maybe cause even though the pool might be at around 90 degrees... it doesnt keep you warm on a night around 30 degrees outside!

New Years Mom Robinson was there for the party... there was the essential settlers game, puzzle, and we had a kareoke sing a long at Jeff's house. Next day, we made our way back over to Dad Robinson's house for another swim...

But, then, we had to go home. Joe had to get back to his new job...

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