This is...

This is...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What will soon be

We are lucky to be under contract to sell our house.
It also means we will soon be homeless.
We decided we would buy that one house we loved in Lehi... which means we get to pick everything out!... which means the house wont be completed until FOREVER AWAY!!!
I made a quick trip up to meet Joe at the design center (so we could choose the stuff for them to finish the house). Funny story - there was a blizzard there, and Lydia couldn't pick me up at the airport (she was snowed in). So, I called Maleah Atkin last minute and she did - THANKS MALEAH! She and I went to lunch really quick and then she dropped me off at the design center. Joe came a bit later (because he was working).
The design center was TORTURE! Well, it wasn't so bad, but after about 4 hours I felt like a child with ADHD. Here are our selections...

This is what will soon be kitchen, bath, floor, carpet, shower, railing,etc...
We were done at about 9pm, and quickly stopped at the store for some flashlights. Then, we went by the house.

Here is Joe in our future kitchen!

I am excited to find out how it will look. I am excited to have a nice new house! Hopefully it won't take too long!

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