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Friday, December 11, 2009

Cowboy Christmas Party!

So, my "calling" is activities chair for the ward (on top of being in the organ rotation and choir pianist).
The Halloween party was cake - just have people show up in costumes in a parking lot with candy... No biggie that I was the only person on activities duty.

The Christmas party was another story. Luckily, they called a helper - heck, I WAS TRYING TO MOVE!!
The Romneys seriously were the AWESOMEST! Kimball was my assistant, and we kind of talked about a few ideas... We both wanted to keep it REALLY simple. Then he said - "hey, you have a lot of stuff going on - my wife and I will take care of it!" PHEW!!! OK!
He and his wife Angela (who is AWESOME) came up with the entire plan, handed out assignments to all the auxiliaries, and I seriously just sat back and watched it all come together! The Romneys and I went early to set up and "decorate", I brought a few awards, and of course I brought some chilli for the cookoff... but beyond that, it was really no sweat off my back.
It was a Cowboy Christmas party! To us, it meant no need to bring in tons of Christmas decorations - low key - chilli, simple tables (simple like red or green plastic table cloths with a boot or hat on top), country music and call it good! For everyone else, it meant dress up like a cowboy, go to the rooms we assigned out to the different auxilleries, and then join up in the gym for a sing-a-long and dinner. The Relief Society brought Santa, the Primary did reindeer games, the YM did letters to santa and the troops, and the YW did cookie decorating.
The kids had a BLAST!! Joe, was still out of town and missed it :(

Just give me my candy cane Santa! ;)
Um... I want....

The train the RS brought was a HIT with this guy... he would have been happy to watch that thing all night!

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Angela said...

Hey, the Romney's were in our ward in Little Rock. I agree, they are a great family!