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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A trip to UTAH!

Well, Joe and I needed some R&R, so we joined our old friends (the Votaws) and took a trip to UTAH! They live in Arizona, and we met up in Kelly's family condo in Sandy. We've had lots of fun memories with them! We hung out a lot while dating/engaged... Then, they got married a week after we did. Dave was Joe's roommate in college. We LOVE those guys! We had so much fun just hanging out together so many years later. We walked around our old BYU stompin' grounds... even went to the spot Joe and I fell in love (the Eyring Science Center). This was where our single's ward met. This was where we met for the first time, and he invited himself over for Sunday dinner (pop tarts). This was where it all began in the early months of 1999.

The campus has changed quite a bit! It was fun to walk around the Talmage (where both Joe and I spent the majority of our time in CS classes and math and statistics). We even walked around to the testing center (which hasn't changed so much). We could smell it - the fear - the stink hasn't changed!

The highlight of the trip was the BYU vs TCU game. ESPN College GameDay was hosting there, so it was pretty hyped up. Joe, being the awesome Dr. Pepper employee worked his contacts with the marketing department and got us (the Votaws and Dan Liddle - the biggest BYU fan ever) back stage passes to be able to see the Dr. Pepper hosted BCS National Championship trophy. It was pretty neat. We got to watch behind the scenes of the broadcast. We got to go into the bus and see where the "talent" hangs out. We got to take pictures with the trophy and with Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstriet.

Me, Joe, and the Dr. Pepper trophy...

Kelly, Dave, Chris Fowler, Me, Lee Corso, Joe, Dan Liddle & Kirk Herbstriet.

Unfortunately, the GameDay activities became the highlight of the day. At the actual game, we and the Votaws sat next to Owen and Alyssa so that was fun. However, BYU was stomped on pretty hard by TCU. It was ugly. We had to even leave early because it was so ugly. Another year, another matchup... another time BYU fans leave the stadium with heads hung low and tails between their legs. :(
At least hanging out with the Votaws was FUN!!! Hope to see them a LOT more often!

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