This is...

This is...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 musketeers...

Charity recently got the Barbie and the 3 Musketeers movie. Ever since, her, Aaron and Nate have been "training" really hard. She already has a balance beam taped off in her room, so they practice leaping on it and sparring with their Nerf swords. They practice the different sword moves they see in the movie. They throw the swords at home-made targets on the wall... It is quite cute!

Well, Aaron decided he wanted to be a Ninja and NOT a Musketeer.

The next day, I found these taped from the toyroom, to the hall, and leading to Charity's door:

I love her spelling... I love how she is trying to exclude Aaron.
I love how she has directions poYnting to where her bedroom door is located.

It was complete with a sign-in sheet.
Joe and I signed in. She gave us a tour of all the stations she had set up. OH MY GOSH my kids are sooooo adorable!

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