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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Patriots Football

Our life pretty much revolves around football right now. Aaron has practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. Then, his games are on Saturdays. It is a pretty big commitment. Texas football is a pretty serious thing - especially around here! His team is great though, and we are all having a lot of fun! It is like a little family. Aaron is learning his position better - all around improvements in his attitude and behavior and discipline. I have so much fun watching him! Joe and I are really hard on him, but I hope it is for the best! He is such a little stud!
As a tight end, he is a pretty good blocker. He always knows his assignments. I will sometimes catch myself yelling at him to pick up a block, but he will say that so-and-so running back was supposed to get that guy, and he was on the correct man... he was always right too... He gets it. I love it.

Patriots team 2009. Aaron (Tight End) #82

Nate is a pretty good sport - he enjoys all the time he gets to run around at the fields!

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