This is...

This is...

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sun will come out Tomorrow...

On days like today, I have to remind myself that Utah is really not that bad.
I might have woken up, hoping for sunshine. Maybe I imagined that since it is the last week of school, it would be warm and my kids would be able to wear shorts. I dreamt of spending the afternoon in the park.
I woke up and saw this:

Yes, it is May 24th. This is the last week of MAY.

In Arizona, everyone is hot.
In Texas, everyone is hot.
They have been enjoying days using their pools. They are all getting tan.

I keep hearing that Utah is beautiful in the spring and summer.
I am still waiting for said "beauty".
I am still pasty white.
I am still cold.
I am still waiting for the sun to motivate me to work off my "winter pounds".

I got to walk out this morning and scrape several inches of snow off my car.

Out my kitchen window, I normally have this view:
(these photos were taken a few weeks ago)

Beautiful - right? I fell in LOVE with this view. I fell in love with having no back door neighbors so I can see the mountains and valley and lake...

When I was younger, I used to LOVE the mountains. All of my religious beliefs were encompassed in lessons and analogies involving mountains... Don't get me started or else I'll go into some dissertation involving not only things I felt from spending time in mountains, but also from "mountain" analogies using calculus, physics, chemistry, philosophy, scriptures... you name it all the way to books like "Miracle of Forgiveness".

Why did I wake up this morning with the feeling like I am being strangled and cut off by these mountains - rather than enjoying their {previous favorite phrase describing them} ineffable majesty?

Right now, to quote from "BIG RIVER"... "I've been waiting for the light to shine, oh yes I'm waiting for the light to shine. I have lived in the darkness for so long I am waiting for the light to shine!!!"

In all fairness, the sun came out this afternoon. It warmed to nearly 50 degrees. Aaron's baseball game was cancelled, so we went to the batting cages. I had a wonderful afternoon/evening with my sweet children. We are all healthy and happy. There is plenty to be grateful for. Even though there was a blizzard this morning, we were safe and warm in our house/school. The kids have warm jackets. I got my butt out the door and to the gym. All was not completely lost.

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Meredith said...

If it makes you feel any better, I am in the sun but still pasty white! I just stay that way all year round! ;)