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Friday, April 09, 2010

Birthday Season Begins!

My baby is 4!He is the sweetest, cutest little dude in the WORLD! He brightens my day! I love how he talks. I love how he runs. I love to watch him play with his siblings. I think he is so funny when he thinks he is sneaky. He is so easygoing. I love his eyes and his smile. I love his little voice. I love how he cuddles with me. I love how amazing he is! I am so lucky this kid is in my life! I LOVE being his mother!

All of our birthdays (besides Joe's) are essentially within a month of each other... so Spring is quite busy at our house!
Nate's birthday (since it is first) ushers in what our family considers the birthday season.
He woke up to BIRTHDAY PANCAKES!!! I was really proud of myself for getting an actual breakfast (besides cereal) made before the kids had to catch the bus.
His pancakes are an N and a 4 (just in case you couldn't tell). I love that in this picture, you can see how Aaron and Charity are trying to show him how to blow!!!
For lunch, I grabbed the kids from school and we met Joe at ChuckyCheese's! We all (of course) had a wonderful time! Is this my last ChuckyCheese's birthday? probably... it kindof makes me sad... I can't believe my kids are all so big now!

You will notice this stupid little truck ride was the hit. Yes, that is my 9 year old still thinking he's cool on it.
Nate's birthday was Thursday... So Friday night, we had our little birthday party for him. He wanted a Transformers cake. In my ghetto cake style, this kid got what he wanted - complete with Bumblebee and an autobot and decepticon battling it out on a mountain... Lydia suggested brown sugar as a dirt road... AWESOME!!! Totally ghetto... but at least the kids thought it was cool!
We were glad to have the Atkins, the Harwards (where Nate now goes to preschool), Emily Cardon's family, Jen & Ted's family, Lydia's family, Owen & Alyssa, and Steve's family and Sam come to his party. Quite a turnout for only being here a month! Thank goodness for family right?

Of course, what is a party without a pinata?

The kids had a great time. It was a very simple party.


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