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This is...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun With Cousins!

Twilight Camp was lots of fun!
One of the nights during that week, Paul and Kody slept over. Of course, I wanted to make it a big party, so Ashlyn and Lochlin came and joined Braeden in sleeping over too!

It was so much fun!

The kids put on a show. They had tickets, bouncers, security, an MC, and OF COURSE - the performers. They practiced for a long time to make sure the show would be perfect. I think most of the fun was had in getting ready for their big show. They were so stinkin cute! I love how these kids play together. They did their dances/cartwheels/handstands/frolicking on the floor to songs by Michael Jackson, ABBA and Billy Idol. All classics. Their entrances were well timed, and did I say they were adorable?I also love how I have a room for them to do things like this. I mean, seriously - who needs furniture? I love having an empty room. One day, we will get furniture, and the room wont be as fun anymore. It will be a sad sad day for my kids.

Then, we all went swimming. Dawn was there too. These kids just played so well together! We were all in HEAVEN!

The "BIG" boys

Kody & Nate

Ok, how cute are these girls? So glad they are such good friends!

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