This is...

This is...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twilight Camp

Aaron was signed up for the cub scout TWILIGHT CAMP. I can't believe he is a cub scout. This was his first real thing to do with the den. His cousins (Paul & Kody) signed up to come with us in our den (because theirs wasn't going). We were so excited to spend the week having them be ALL BOY together. Nate was signed up to come along and be in the papoose section. I figured Charity would love to spend the week with Grandma and Sarah... (and Ashlyn who was visiting!)

HOWEVER... Dawn was in town. SO we got Braeden signed up to go too! Poor Lochlin was too old :( so he was excluded. It was even more fun with Brae there with us too! He just spent the week up at my house, so we had lots of fun sleepovers!

The boys had a blast together!

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