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Saturday, June 06, 2009

June 6th

June has begun, and it is a very BUSY month!
Fun began when Dawn and her kids came out to spend the summer here in the DFW!! We are so glad to have them so we can play!

Friday night, Joe's mom came into town and stayed with us!
Then, there was Saturday, June 6th which in and of itself made my head spin!!!

Beginning at 9am, Aaron had a baseball game.
He played the first 45 mins of it, then rushed over to the church - for his baptism! (why he couldn't skip the game was beyond me, but Joe was committed to having Aaron not let his team down - it all worked out, so no complaints, but a bit stressful...)

The chapel was full - lots of kids were baptized that day. The nicest thing was that our ward got to go get baptized 1st (they were just 2 of 20 slated to be baptized that day). As we were walking out after confirmations, children were still not done with their baptisms. I knew this would be the case when I found out how many kids were getting baptized. I lost sleep, I shed tears. I was so stressed for so many reasons. Seriously, prayers were answered because everything worked out wonderfully. I totally begged to go first, but I had a good reason! So many things had to work out perfectly for the day to not fall apart and be a disaster. Piece #1 that needed to work perfectly was that we needed to be done with the baptism and confirmation quickly. (oops, I forgot my camera, so pictures were taken, I just haven't gotten them onto my computer yet...)
ANYWAYS... Joe baptized him. Jacob Woodrome (cousin who lives in Houston) got baptized that same day by his dad at the same service! It was a very special day. We were thrilled to be able to get baptized at the same time/place to make it easier for all the families to be together! Being baptized with a cousin made it honestly SO INCREDIBLE! So many people came to show love and support! Our family was there, then of course the Woodrome family (Christine, Lehi, Jacob and Emma) along with Lehi's mom and sister and sons. Grandma Robinson was there. Grandpa & Trish & Jessica came too! Patrice (+Zach, Tyler & Jillian) was sweet to come for the event as well!

Grandma Allen came, along with Cherry (+Sarah, Luke & Max) Dawn (+Lochlin, Braeden, Ashlyn & Irelyn) Lydia (+Kaitlyn & Mckinsie). During the confirmation servie, my mom played piano, while my sisters and I (and our kids) represented the Allen side of the family with the traditional singing of "The First Step". Of course, I cried through it. I can't believe my son is baptized. I couldn't even get past the words: "You were born into a family that loves you..." I had sung those words so many times before, but was now facing MY son - I was singing those words to HIM!! He really was born into a family that loves him. As a child/teenager, I didn't really understand that love... but as a mother, I couldn't help but be overcome. I love him so much, and I am so proud him.

PS I am also proud/thrilled and totally IN LOVE with Joe for being willing to be the baptize-r.

Brent & the Wall boys (Jacob, Ethan, Justin & Owen) came and so did the our wonderful neighbors: the Jettons. I was glad they came because Terry and Brent were the witnesses for the baptism and helped in the confirmation!

Grandma Robinson gave the closing prayer from the confirmation and gave both boys a white blanket with their names and their baptism date embroidered on it so they could always remember their special day. It was such a wonderful event! PS, Aaron's primary teacher (Sister McKendrick) also came! So nice of her!

One might ask why I was so stressed about getting in and out quickly. Getting home by 11:30 gave us a whole hour to feed lunch to about 40 people!

Why just an hour? Charity's 1st ballet recital was at 12:30 pm. Seriously - who makes a dance recital at 12:30??? Shouldn't they be at 5 or 6pm? Apparently, she was in only 1 of about 5 shows, and unfortunately, her show was the 12:30. ARRRGHHHH. WHY on the baptism day???? I fretted and stressed because I knew so many people were going to be in town, and how were we going to entertain them after the baptism, and how were we going to be able to sneak out to her recital etc....

12:30pm: We went to Charity's dance recital. I only had 6 tickets, so I left most of the people at my house with Joe. That way, my mom Ashlyn, Joe's mom, Joe's dad & Trish and Jessica came to the recital to watch Charity do her 1st ever ballet dance! She was absolutely wonderful - the cutest one out there! She knew her dance perfectly! My favorite part was when she was the only one on stage who knew what was going on. She literally took things into her own hands when she actually gracefully/knowingly/sweetly reminded the 2 little girls on either side of her to take her hands during this one part. SO STINKIN CUTE!!!

ANYWAYS, We were totally blessed because while it started at 12:30. I didn't know what time she would perform until Friday night at the dress rehearsal. I gained a few minutes inbetween the baptism and the recital because she wasnt until 2nd to last on the program! That way, I didn't mind that we got there a few minutes late! PHEW because we were of COURSE a few minutes late!

These things sound so silly, but what would you do if you had 5 families from out of town come INTO town for a baptism, and need a place to go after that baptism... but instead of being available to feed them and entertain at your home (because most were staying in a hotel) you weren't available because your daughter also had her 1st ever recital that same time!!????

Anyways, while we were at the recital, Jeff and Jessie flew in and arrived at my house and joined the party. We got home from the recital by 2 and everyone just hung out and relaxed for a while. Then... Joe picked up my babysitter and the whole bunch of us went to the indy car race at Texas Motor Speedway!

The pieces had fallen into place, and I was so much more relaxed after the children had made it to their big events that morning.

It was quite serendipitous that the race was that evening - it brought more family to the baptism (at least I think so). Our race attending group included Lehi (and his nephews and Jacob) Aaron, Joe, Me, Patrice, Zach, Tyler, Jeff, Jessie, Dan, Paul, Jamie, Kody, Joe's Dad, Trish & Jessica.

We were able to talk the race up to Dan & Lydia, so he bought tickets for his office - and luckily had enough so Dawn, Loch & Brae were able to come too! It was a GREAT evening! The race was under the lights and we even went down to the garages and pit row after the race! I am Texas WT and PROUD!!! It was so fun to go with family and I really TRULY enjoyed every minute of it!

What a day!

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Sarra said...

Wow, it isn't very often that one day is special enough to deserve an entire blog post dedicated to it, but this one sure sounded like it definitely warranted the mention! I'm so proud of you for making everything work! I wish I could have been there to support y'all, but with so many people, perhaps it was good that we weren't there.
Congratulations Aaron and Charity!