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This is...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ok, what do you think of this?
For those of you who dont want to read the story:

a 59 yr old guy got kicked off his college football team his sr year. after years of regret, he still has 1 more year of eligibility, so he is going for it. ( just IIIA school in tx) but still!!

dont we all want redemption? how long do we wait to go get it?

my thoughts in relation to this particular story:
1. i SOOOO TOTALLY relate - wow highschool cheer anyone? (unfortunately, i am past my prime, and would not DARE TO BE FOUND in a cheer skirt!!!)
2. SADLY, i think he will get his BEHIND kicked; he will prob seriously injure himself
3. i wish i had the guts to do this. i would love to go back to college and do something fun like that. not that i would do cheer or try to be younger than i am. i was just so boring and practical. i traded fun and excitement for a degree that gets me NOTHING! if i had the chance to go back - as an adult, would i?
4. i'm inspired. maybe i will go back to college or somewhere and take ceramics or jewelry or even dance again... i think i just feel like, maybe i can go do something that i always wanted to do, but didnt... (masters?)
4. finally... what position do you think he will play? i dont think he could do linebacker anymore? well, maybe??? maybe on the O-line? hmmmm if i was the coach, i would want him out there as an example, but i wouldnt want him to get hurt... i think maybe the long snapper?


Abby said...

I found you on Tara's blog, and I have to say yay for him, but on the other hand it reminds me just a tiny bit of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. The glory days and all. I dunno, I'm just surprised that playing college football is that important to a 59 year old man. (Not to burst his bubble--I'd cheer for him and probably even get goose bumps too.)

Jennifer said...

That's actually a great story. Good for him. Seems you can internalize it for yourself in a lot of different ways. should be a cheerleader for Halloween ;) I bet joe would love to see you in a cheer skirt again.

The Rogers said...

that's a pretty good story, i admire people who go for what they want, even if they wait a long, long time to do it. i'll be anxious to see what comes of it.

CDHowey said...

Good Story... I like it when you see someone follow their dreams... If i were his wife... i would try my hardest to have him follow a different dream... or take a coaching.. or even the waterboy position on the team... As for me... I think my biggest regret is not finishing college... and I really hope to finish that dream soon... Maybe I'd have a better chance at being accepted to a dental school as a 40 yr old white woman.. ha ha ha

Leisha said...

In my old hometown in Maryland they had an annual game for all those wanting to "recapture the dream"...they called it the "oldtimers" game and all these old guys and gals got out there to play football and cheer. I cheered in high school, so I was asked to participate in the "oldtimers game" when I was in college (still skinny) and I was SO emarassed to be surrounded by all these crazy soccer moms and beer-bellied geezers trying to recapture their youth I never did it again. (but I'm sure it was a thrill for many....)