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Friday, August 10, 2007

Fantasy Football Anyone?

if i had #1: Or #2:

ok, i LOVE football!!! i am so excited even about preseason. are any of you playing fantasy football??? well, i am, and my husband and i are pretty competitive about it.

Anyways, i watched the 1st half (cause that is really all that mattered) of the cowboys against the colts last night. i am excited about tony romo - who knows, will he be my qb??? anyone have opinions about dallas defense? i dont think i will go with them. but, i am a die hard dallas fan, so i have to pick at least a few of the players! (NOT for my K, but maybe for my W/T or WR) any opinions out there? what sites do you use for your cheat sheets?

of course, i depend on but i also found
i liked the info they put together, but it lost a bit of credibility when they used roy williams, fiery, and "led by" in the same sentance when they were talking about dallas' D.

anyways, WOO HOO for football!!!


Amy said...

Football really isn't my thing...I just like going to games to watch halftime performers:) I did the jump splits on the star at texas stadium my junior yr of high are jealous huh?

Anonymous said...

It is to be expected that you feel some allegiance towards Dallas but it really would be in your best interests to stay away from them at all costs. Do not give in to the temptation to pick up TO, he will only leave you wanting.
Oh and if you do end up with the 2nd pick, do not waste it on Manning, taking a QB at #2 would be rather foolhardy.
As far as gathering information, just watch as much as you can and form your own opinions. However seeing as you were impressed by Romo, maybe it would just be best if you just read as many publications and websites as possible on the subject.
Good luck.

Emily R said...

hey anonymous - manning was the 3rd guy picked last year... although, usually it isnt wise to go with a qb as 1st pick, it TOTALLY paid off for his owner, as he got TONS of points!
ps romo completed 10 of 11 passes thurs night... i think he will do fine.

Dan, Lydia, Kaitlyn said...

ya just don't get your hopes up if romo is put in any kind of pressure situation...he might screw you over like he did in the playoffs