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This is...

Sunday, April 01, 2007


So, my baby is turning 1!!! i cant believe it! i am so ready for nate to be walking! i think he knows it because he is just taking his time. he has been able to stand and take a few steps for a while, but he just refuses to become independant... i gues he is trying to teach me a lesson in patience. i think he is waiting for me to want this attached, completely dependant baby phase to never end. it wont happen. i love him, and i think babies are so cute; however, i have had enough baby, and i am ready for him to grow and become a little more independant. is it too early to want him to be potty trained too? ;)

charity (still only 3) is already reading! i cant believe it! we did this book "teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" it really is working. we arent all the way through it yet, but we passed the half way mark and already she is reading stories like "the bug said i ate a leaf and will eat a log. that little bug can eat more. the fish is sleeping...." i am amazed at the words she is able to read and the exceptions she has already picked up

aaron is growing up fast too. he is cute... nothing new with him except a lost tooth and a haircut (no pics of that yet though!)

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