This is...

This is...

Thursday, November 26, 2009


We flew back to Houston for Thanksgiving! We landed Wed. afternoon
The rejects of the Robinson clan (those who didnt go to Aruba, Idaho, Utah or wherever for the feast) hung out at the Ranch.
Dan & Richelle & family
Mary & Bradberry family
Christine & Woodrome family
Joe & us...

Nobody really wanted to mess with cooking, or leftovers, or dishes, or all that... so we went to Golden Corral for the Thanksgiving feast! It worked out perfect! They had the whole Thanksgiving spread, with pizza and french fries available for the kiddos. I didn't even get food poisoning!

Better news was that our house sold! We got the call that morning from our realtor... YAY!!! We just have to sign and then hopefully everything will work out! They want us out before Christmas... so it will be another year that I don't decorate... Oh well... looks like I'm moving in with my parents!

Funny... our anniversary fell on Thanksgiving this year! We both kindof forgot... well, Joe remembered. We both had a good time talking about our favorite memories... 10 years together!!! WOW! PLUS, our house sold! PLUS we didn't have to do any dishes! It was a Thanksgiving MIRACLE!

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