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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Holy Moly! Is May almost over already? Spring is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!

April 8: This was Nate’s birthday! I can’t believe my baby is 3 years old! He is so cute. He is my little buddy. He is such a cute kid. He is so funny and sassy! I love his cuddles. I love this little guy so much. He is so tough and easy going. He loves trains. He loves to just hang out with me. He is actually really fun to have by my side all day doing errands. I love to hear him sing. He is growing up way too fast! He is such a light in my life!

For his birthday, I made him a cake. He LOVES trains, so, of course, we had to make his cake with Thomas the Train on it. He was so excited about the cake. He was so excited about the Thomas toys on top! His day was pretty low-key. He pretty much gets spoiled every day, so making him extra spoiled that day was not very difficult. We cuddled and watched his favorite shows. His dinner was his favorite – MacNCheese. When Joe got home, we had our little family birthday party, where he got his presents and spit out his candles - literally, the classic spit wad on the cake. I laughed pretty hard. He is so funny.

We waited a few days (or weeks) before we had his party. We wanted to wait until Grandma got back in town and Lydia and Dan & Kaitlyn & Mckenzie came out for the summer!!! (so Dan could do summer sales in DFW) We are so thrilled that they are here for the summer! Anyways, once they got here (on the 19th) we had a little birthday for him at Chucky Cheese (the perfect location for a 3yr old’s birthday party). Although, his 2nd birthday cake was pretty pathetic (in the form of cupcakes and a lame triple used candle). The kids (and even the adults) had a great time. Nate had a great time, so it was a successful 2nd birthday for him!

We were also blessed to have Owen and his FIANCE Alyssa come to his party! They were en route to their summer sales/internship location in Atlanta. It was great to see them. I am getting excited for their wedding (set for August).
Birthday Boy!!!!!! He was in HEAVEN!
His oh so classy cake.
Yay for the Liddles being here!
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its about time for this update! i'm so jealous that you get to hang out with everyone everyday. your kids are so cute em. i'm excited to see you guys again... hey, i think you mom and lydia should all come out for julie's wedding the end of june... i know she would want all of us there.