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This is...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fantasy Football Update

So, I thought I would take a minute and recap (brag) about my fantasy football performance thus far. Here is the breakdown of the 4 leagues I am in:

Matchup for Week 4:

Junior Varsity League

(4-0) My team: 114.38
Star Performers:
Tom Brady
- 21.64
Joseph Addai -15.73
Jason Witten - 10.73 - GO COWBOYS!
Steve Smith - 2.13 (WHY DIDNT HE SHOW UP???)
DeShaun Foster - 3.4 (after 2 fumbles might get him booted off my team)

VERSUS: (1-3)Jeff: 65.96
DEF Chicago - 19.0
Donovan McNabb - 1.72

End Result??? VICTORY For ME!!!!! :)

1800EatCrap League

(2-2)Me: 84.84
Star Performers:
Jon Kitna - 16.11
T.J. Houshmandzadeh - 13.6 (My MAN!!!)
Barrett Ruud - 7 (I am glad I paid attention to news and notes, cause this guy ROCKS!)
Marion Barber - 4.8 (my man is injured- but my cowboys NEED him to get better!!!)
San Diego DEF - 6.0 seriously, what happened to this team????

VERSUS: (2-2)Joe: 53.93
Carson Palmer
- 7.85 (ok joe, for this week ONLY am i OK about you snaking him from me)
Anthony Henry - 2.0 (i am really sad cause he ROCKS and i hope he is better soon cause cowboys need him to get LOTS of interceptions!)

End Result??? MY VICTORY!!!! - joe, my sorry team beat YOU!!! YAY! in all fairness, i didnt see this one coming, and had palmer had a better game, maybe you would be the one bragging here.

TheTexasTussle2 League

(2-2)My Team: 153.95
Peyton Manning - 36.35
DEF Chicago - 53.4 (still going strong for me!!!)
Barrett Ruud - 11.0 again, i was glad to add him to my team this week.
Chad Johnson - 6.3 (Cincinnati just had a bad game???)
Todd Heap - 3.6 (now, i had him last year, and he seemed to get me a TD almost every game... he hasnt shown up yet)

VERSUS: (1-3) Jeff: 65.96

DEF Chicago- 19.0
Donovan McNabb - 1.72 really, i saw this coming - ever since his knee injury, he isnt the same. ya, he had a few good games, but i really think this is indicative of the type of player he has become - seriously, he is always blaming SOMEONE even pulling the race card? but i really think his prob isnt ONLY that he didnt have westbrook or his O-line was terrible - I think he is really STIFF and cant move around like he use to. 12 sacks come from being SLOW. that is why i didnt rush to pick him up this year in any of our live drafts... he was a STAR last year, but hmmm what is he this year?

End Result? MY VICTORY!!!!! :)

Consolation League:

(1-2)Me: 66.11
Joseph Addai
- 15.73 i picked him up game 2 of last year, and i fell in LOVE with him - i had a feeling he would be a LOT better than LT, and any of those other higher ranked RBs... i am just SOOO smart huh.
Donovan McNabb
- 1.72 i already gave my little spiel about him. lets just say this league was auto draft, so i got him. i am not quite ready to drop him (following Joe's logic, he didnt get me negative points, so he didnt lose his place on my roster JUST YET)
Marvin Harrison - 0.53 i will blame this on his injury, and hope he gets better
Chad Johnson - 3.53
Marion Barber - 4.8
DEF Miami - -1.0 Ok, this team got me negative points, so, will henceforth NOT be on my roster.
Anthony Henry - 2.0 I will blame his lack of production solely to his injury, and i wish him a speedy recovery

VERSUS: (2-1)Michelle: 102.22
Tom Brady
- 21.64
Randy Moss - 18.8 Michelle has a great duo working for her... i think this pair (at least in points production) will be even better than manning-harrison or wayne
Adrian Peterson - 12.77
Joey Galloway - 0.47

End Result??? LOSS :(
HOWEVER, notice that i had a lot of supposedly GREAT players that had a really disappointing game, while Michelle had stars, and only 1 disappointment. now i am left with injuries and bye weeks...

Overall, i feel pretty good... still lots of room for improvement.


Courtney said...

Em, you crack me up! I have no clue what the heck you are talking about...but I am sure Brett will enjoy your "Fantasy Football" post...I'll have to tell him to take a look! I think if I was into FF Brett and I would no longer be married... we are both way too competative and would end up fighting over all of it! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your fantasy football, but I just wanted to thank you for your comments on Valerie's blog about our anniversary. It's fun to read the blogs of her friends. You are a great woman with so many talents. Keep up the great job that you are doing. Thanks again. Val's MOM

Amy said...

I really don't understand most of what I am reading but it looks fun!

Courtney said...

Trust me...I am far from "Super Mom" ... just ask my kids! I just have to find stuff to do if I am cooped up in a house with a sick kid all day! As far as the craft goes it isn't done and hopefully will be before Halloween. I will post it when I finally finish I said this should have been done last month. Oh well, better late than never.

CDHowey said...

seriously that is a bunch of blah blah blah to me... I DONT UNDERSTAND... maybe i am totaly like CORKY... but I guess you are doing good.. Hopefully you end up with money or something for this fantasy football stuff...

The Driggs said...

Okay, I am totally lost. But I know my husband and all his buddies are big into trash talking each other through their fantasy football stuff. That's crazy that you are on 4 leagues! Best of luck to you.

Katie said...

So don't get any of that! I'm glad you are having fun with it!

Heather Rogers said...

Yeah, I am totally lost also! You are so funny. It sounds fun though! Phil would love if I was into this stuff, but I'm not!!! LOL